Orange SL Accelerates Commitment to Women Empowerment…Supports Female Caucus in Parliament

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Orange SL Accelerates Commitment to Women Empowerment
…Supports Female Caucus in Parliament

Orange Sierra Leone, one of the leading mobile telecommunication companies in the country, demonstrated its commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment by supporting the Female Caucus in Parliament during an organized one-day symposium to commemorate International Women’s Day 2024. Held on the 14th of March, 2024 at Parliament Building on Tower Hill in Freetown, the event brought together key stakeholders to celebrate the progress made by women in politics and to discuss strategies for further advancement.
In a statement delivered during the symposium, the General Secretary of Orange SL, Danetta Younge, conveyed a message of solidarity and celebration towards the strides made by women in politics. Commending the Government for its dedication to women empowerment through legislative measures such as the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) Act, the General Secretary emphasized the crucial role of female parliamentarians in championing gender equality. Acknowledging that achieving gender equality is an ongoing process, she expressed gratitude to those leading the fight for creating a more equitable society.
Highlighting the significance of investing in women, Danetta Younge, proudly announced that their company is compliant with the GEWE Act, with 30% of the workforce being women and an increasing number of women holding leadership roles. She said such a commitment reflects a dedication to fostering a fair and inclusive workspace where women can excel based on their merit and abilities. According to her it is important to provide resources and support for women’s growth and called for equal access to opportunities across all platforms.
The symposium underscored the importance of supporting women’s development and providing them with necessary resources to further progress towards achieving gender equality. Orange SL expressed solidarity with the female members of Parliament, pledging continued support for their endeavors.
The President of the Female Caucus in Parliament, Hon. Neneh Lebbie, in her address acknowledged the efforts of past members and expressed gratitude to various partners for their support in increasing female representation in Parliament. She highlighted the enactment of gender equality and women’s empowerment laws which have led to a significant rise in the number of female MPs, surpassing the West Africa average at 38.2%. Stressing the importance of continued support, Hon. Lebbie called for ongoing commitment to gender equality and ending violence against women and girls.
Jack Burns, representing the British High Commission, emphasized the importance of women’s political participation and empowerment. He discussed the impact of involving women in democracy, citing benefits such as improved economic growth, better policy representation and enhanced diplomatic missions. He encouraged collaboration among women leaders from diverse constituencies to address common issues, promoting unity and prioritizing constituents’ needs.
Sharing personal experiences, he expressed support for initiatives like U-Map aimed at connecting women politicians to advocate for important issues. He called on women leaders to transcend political differences and focus on serving their communities, underscoring the transformative power of women’s leadership.
The symposium concluded with messages of gratitude to all attendees for their presence and contribution to the cause of inclusion and equality. As discussions continue, the collective commitment to advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment remains steadfast, fueled by the dedication of organizations like Orange Sierra Leone and the unwavering advocacy of women leaders in Parliament.

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