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Property owners in Angola Town, particularly journalist Alex Lawrence Koroma, woke up to a distressing situation when their properties were unlawfully demolished by the Ministry of Lands and Country Planning. Koroma, a respected figure in the media industry, and a member of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, had purchased the land in good faith from the Cole family. Prior to his acquisition, there was a clear lease agreement in place between the family and the Sierra Blocks Company.

The sudden and brutal demolition of these properties, carried out without any prior warning or legal recourse, has sent shockwaves through the community. Many innocent and hardworking Sierra Leoneans had invested substantial amounts of money into building safe homes for their families on these lands. The lack of engagement, court orders, or notifications prior to the demolition is a blatant violation of their rights as property owners.

What makes this situation even more alarming is the reported involvement of higher authorities, including an alleged order from the President following a meeting with the Ghanaian company owner. The heavy-handed approach taken by the Ministry officials, accompanied by a significant police presence, paints a grim picture of injustice and unfairness towards the rightful landowners.

As a journalist who has dedicated years to serving his community through the media, Koroma finds himself in a vulnerable position, fighting not only for his property but also for justice and accountability. The fact that a fellow journalist, who has contributed to the dissemination of information and the upholding of truth, is now facing such hardships is deeply concerning.

Koroma’s plea to the President to intervene and rectify this unjust situation is a call for the protection of basic rights and the upholding of the rule of law. His investment in building a home for his family, using hard-earned money, should not be undermined by arbitrary and unlawful actions.

The essence of property rights lies at the core of any civilized society. Without the assurance that one’s property is protected from unjust seizures or demolitions, the very foundation of a stable and prosperous community is shaken. In this case, the seeming disregard for legal processes and the rights of innocent citizens raises serious questions about the priorities and values of those in power.

It is imperative that the voices of those affected by this egregious act of demolition are heard, and that justice is served. The call for accountability, transparency, and a fair resolution to this issue is not just for the benefit of Alex Lawrence Koroma and other property owners, but for the preservation of the principles of fairness and legality.

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