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CEO of LRMG, Gilbert Zhao

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara (Kamalo)
Sierra Leoneans working at the Chinese Mafia outfit, Leone Rock Metals, formerly known as Kingho Mining Company have called on the Minister of Employment, Labour and Social Security and all concerned authorities to come to their rescue over the inhumane treatment being meted out on them by their Chinese employers on a daily basis
Many of the local workers who spoke to this medium on condition of anonymity revealed how they have been reduced to mere slaves by Leone Rock’s management and its subcontractors, who are mostly Chinese Companies.
Sierra Leonean workers endure abhorrent working conditions, receiving paltry wages and benefits in stark contrast to the favorable treatment given to their foreign counterparts. Moreover, Sierra Leonean employees are stripped of their freedom and autonomy within the organization, as Chinese nationals hold sway over nearly all positions in various departments.
Even positions which could be competently filled by Sierra Leoneans, are closely overseen by Chinese nationals, resulting in mistreatment and disregard for the local workforce. Additionally, the company impedes the establishment of a Mines and Workers Union, preventing employees from advocating for better working conditions.
In certain cases, a number of residents have been employed on a temporary basis for nearly two years without being granted permanent status, which is in violation of the country’s labor regulations.
Additionally, there have been instances where Chinese subcontractors have been operating without any permanent employees.
Reports have also emerged of local female employees being subjected to harassment by their Chinese employers, with no one willing to speak out against it.
Furthermore, local employees are being terminated arbitrarily by the company without any adherence to proper procedures.
The scenario unfolding at Leone Rock bears a stark resemblance to the atrocities of the Atlantic Slave Trade, where individuals of African descent are being systematically deprived of their fundamental human rights.
Although the Minister of Labour has been apprised of the deplorable treatment inflicted upon our compatriots by Leone Rock during a recent visit to the company’s premises, it remains uncertain whether appropriate measures will be taken against the company for their egregious actions.
In response to the accusations, the leadership of Leone Rock vehemently denied any misconduct during a recent engagement with the press, dismissing the claims as baseless and lacking in credibility.
As inquiries into the situation progress, the dire situation faced by the workers from Sierra Leone at Leone Rock Metals underscores the urgent necessity for accountability and restructuring within the company.
Investigation continues…

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