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The “Ungodly Man of God” Destroying SLRSA
Part 1 of 50

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara (Kamalo)
High expectations arose when Reverend Smart Senesie, now known as the “Ungodly Man of God”, was chosen by President Bio to oversee the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA).
Both the President and the public had high hopes for Senesie due to his reputation as a devout individual expected to act in a righteous manner.
However, it appears that this so-called Man of God has become a detrimental force within the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority.
In this 50-part series, Salone Compass will delve into how a supposed Man of God leading the SLRSA is causing chaos within the once thriving organization, leading it toward imminent collapse.
To begin with, the “Ungodly” Reverend Smart Senesie has been accused by many within and outside of SLRSA of not only lacking competence but also engaging in significant corruption and deceit.
Before Senesie assumed leadership, the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority was a top revenue-generating entity, with nine out of thirteen revenue streams under its control.
His tenure has witnessed a sharp decline in revenue generation due to his poor management skills, corruption, and his relentless effort to rid the SLRSA of individuals with north-western backgrounds, including his attempt to terminate the Autospect contract initiated by the previous government.
One of the key revenue streams of the authority is the issuance of Circulation Permits for vehicles and motorcycles entering the country through customs posts like Gbalamuya.
However, since Senesie allegedly appointed his concubine’s brother at the Gbalamuya Customs Post, the authority has ceased to generate much-needed revenue from this key source, with funds being diverted for personal gain.
Furthermore, the “Ungodly Man of God” has initiated a purge at SLRSA, targeting individuals with north-western backgrounds or those who oppose his actions, instead of focusing on fulfilling his responsibilities. This has led to a significant division within the organization, ultimately affecting its overall performance.
According to Smart Senesei, only individuals with south-eastern backgrounds are fit to work at the SLRSA. To achieve this, he has formed a group to combat those who do not support his agenda of removing individuals with north-western backgrounds and terminating the Autospect contract, which he believes should be managed by members of the ruling party.
There are numerous reports of Reverend Smart Senesei enlisting top management staff in his fight to terminate the Autospect Contract and target those associated with the opposition.
The situation at SLRSA is dire, and without prompt intervention from President Bio, the authority is at risk of collapse.
Meanwhile, the Executive Director has chosen not to respond to inquiries from this publication.
In a telephone conversation with this writer, Reverend Smart Senesei declined to address the allegations, asserting that he was persuaded to take on the role and is unperturbed by the accusations.
Stay tuned for part 2 as we further explore the devastation of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority by an individual claiming to be a Man of God.

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