THE ‘’UNGODLY MAN OF GOD’’ DESTROYING SLRSA Part 2 of 50: Corruption, Unilateral Suspension of Drivers’ License Production

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Part 2 of 50:
Corruption, Unilateral Suspension of Drivers’ License Production

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara (Kamalo)
The mess instigated by Reverend Smart Senesei, the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRSA), shows no signs of abating.
The once esteemed institution, which was once the envy of many, continues its downward spiral.
In this edition of our ongoing series, we delve deeper into the actions of a supposedly pious figure at the helm of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority. His mismanagement has plunged the once thriving institution into chaos, with despotism, corruption, and ineptitude reigning supreme.
As we highlighted in part one, the ‘’ Ungodly Man of God’’ as he is disparagingly referred to, is viewed as the bane of SLRSA. His complicity in widespread corruption, exemplified by his unilateral decision to halt the production of Drivers’ Licenses, has led to mass unemployment and injustice among staff members, with certain individuals benefiting from his protection even in the face of wrongdoing.
It is worth noting that one of President Bio’s primary objectives outlined in the Peoples’ Manifesto is the creation of employment opportunities for the nation’s youth, who constitute a significant portion of the population.
While President Bio strives to fulfill this commitment, the actions of the ‘’Ungodly Man of a God’’ at SLRSA appears to undermine these efforts. His unilateral suspension of Drivers’ License production has left thousands who rely on driving for livelihood unemployed.
This arbitrary move by Reverend Smart Senesei, as investigations reveal, was made without the knowledge or approval of the management or board. Many drivers, particularly those in the commercial sector, who depend on their licenses for sustenance, have now been left without a source of income, as law enforcement agencies rigorously enforce traffic regulations.
Moreover, Reverend Smart Senesei stands accused of shielding corrupt staff members, including directors, who were implicated in unlawfully registering a right-hand drive vehicle, in violation of Regulation 73 of the SLRSA Act of 2011. Despite the findings of an internal investigative committee, he has failed to act on the recommendations and is actively working to suppress the report.
In Smart Senesei’s view, the law applies selectively, with some individuals enjoying immunity from prosecution.
A noteworthy precedent occurred in 2019 when several staff members, including managers, were dismissed for similar infractions. However, when it concerns his favored associates, Smart Senesei appears determined to shield them from accountability.
Most troubling is the plight of the rightful owner of the right-hand drive vehicle, who was unaware of the illicit registration process and now faces hardships while the perpetrators evade consequences.
The elderly gentleman now must trek to the SLRSA office regularly, often enduring inclement weather, to reclaim his vehicle.
The deteriorating situation at SLRSA under the stewardship of the ‘’Ungodly’’ Reverend Smart Senesei underscores the urgent need for President Bio’s intervention, as this once prosperous revenue-generating entity teeters on the brink of collapse.
Meanwhile, Reverend Smart Senesei has declined to respond to inquiries from this publication.
During a telephone conversation with this writer, Smart Senesei evaded commenting on the allegations and instead boasted about his appointment by President Bio, dismissing any criticisms directed towards him.
Stay tuned for Part 3 in the upcoming edition.

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