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Sierra Leone, a nation draped in the aspirations of democracy and the promise of a brighter future, finds itself ensnared in a devastating crisis. The scourge of drug addiction, particularly to the deadly substance known as KUSH, is claiming the lives of our youth at an alarming rate. In the face of this harrowing reality, one must question the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio: is he truly a beacon of progress or an impediment to our nation’s well-being?
President Bio has adorned himself with the accolades of democracy, parading as its father and champion. Yet, as Sierra Leonean youths perish like flies due to their addiction to KUSH, manufactured right under our noses, one cannot help but wonder: where is the leadership in safeguarding our future generations?
Reports indicate that the President himself has been briefed on numerous occasions regarding this burgeoning crisis. However, it seems that political rhetoric and self-aggrandizement take precedence over the urgent need to address the root causes of this epidemic. The recent tragedy of thirty-two young lives laid to rest in a mass grave at the Kingdom cemetery stands as a stark testament to the callous disregard for human dignity and the failure to act decisively.
The lack of basic decency in handling the burials, with no efforts made to notify families or provide a dignified farewell, is a stain on our national conscience. It speaks volumes about the disconnect between those in power and the plight of ordinary citizens. Even the Information Minister, once an advocate for youth empowerment, seems to have lost sight of his responsibility to the very demographic he once championed.
Sierra Leoneans are fed a steady diet of propaganda extolling the supposed wisdom of the President. But what wisdom is there in turning a blind eye to the suffering of our youth, sacrificing their lives at the altar of political expediency? The resources squandered on lavish international tours could be better utilized in combating the root causes of addiction and providing support to those in need.
President Bio’s refusal to declare a state of emergency, all in the name of preserving a façade of strength for international audiences, is a betrayal of his duty to protect and serve the people of Sierra Leone. While he and his entourage globe-trot on a mission of deceit, painting a rosy picture of our nation’s reality, the streets of our cities echo with the cries of grieving families and the despair of a generation lost to addiction.
It is time for President Bio to heed the cries of his people and take decisive action. Declaring KUSH addiction a security emergency is not a sign of weakness but a testament to his commitment to the future of our nation. We implore him, on behalf of the youth of Sierra Leone, to rise above the trappings of political self-interest and embrace the mantle of true leadership.
In Gaza, even amidst conflict and turmoil, families accord their loved ones the dignity of a proper burial. Is it too much to ask for the same in Sierra Leone, a nation that aspires to stability and progress? Mr. President, the time for hollow rhetoric and empty promises has passed. The youth of Sierra Leone demand action, and history will judge your legacy accordingly. Will you be remembered as a leader who stood up for his people, or as an enemy of the state who turned a blind eye to their suffering? The choice is yours.

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