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Samura Kamara Raises Alarm

In a strongly worded statement, Dr. Samura Kamara, leader of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), has expressed deep concern over the recent surge in unwarranted visits by heavily armed military and police personnel to the residences of key APC stakeholders. The opposition leader, in a letter addressed to both local and international communities, highlighted the potential threats to democratic principles and human rights in Sierra Leone.
Dr. Samura Kamara, who is also a prominent figure in Sierra Leonean politics, voiced his apprehension about the actions taken under the guise of search missions. The incidents, lacking clear legal mandates, have sparked questions regarding the adherence to the rule of law, due process, and the ongoing internationally mediated cross-party dialogue process.
The first reported incident occurred at the residence of Hon. Kemoh Sesay, followed by a similar intrusion at the home of Rtd Major Alfred Pallo Conteh. Dr. Kamara emphasized that these actions not only violate the privacy and safety of the individuals involved but also set a perilous precedent, potentially using state power to intimidate political figures and suppress dissent.
Calling for immediate cessation of these actions, Dr. Samura Kamara urged local authorities to adhere to legal protocols, ensuring any search or investigation is conducted with proper judicial oversight. Additionally, he appealed to international bodies and human rights organizations to closely monitor these developments and exert pressure on government authorities to uphold democratic principles and human rights.
Samura Kamara underscored the importance of standing in solidarity against any form of undue harassment and intimidation of political stakeholders. Emphasizing the significance of transparency, accountability, and the protection of democratic values, Dr. Kamara stated that a just and equitable society depends on the respect for the rule of law, due process, and the protection of all citizens’ rights, regardless of their political affiliations.

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