FAKE FEMINISTS ON THE RAMPAGE…Target good and innocent men in society

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…Target good and innocent men in society

We have decent and innocent men in society who are suffering in silence in the hands of desperate women in Sierra Leone. Some of these women are taking undue advantage to always smear and destroy good and innocent men in society. But hardly will see the public coming to the defence of men either because men are being perceived to be superior over women or otherwise. Most women now use love relationships with decent and honest as a tool of blackmail in order to extort money from men. They will resort in blackmailing tactics and character assassination to bring good and innocent men down. Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans does not deserve to have these kind of women in society.
The case of Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin comes to mind. This is a man who does not even want to hurt a fly. Some desperate ladies are taking undue advantage of Dr. Gilpin’s generosity and using it as a bait to have the gentleman’s character being assassinated, smeared and slander. It is only in Sierra Leone desperate women will go that low trying to seek attention from innocent and decent men in society by either assassinating their character either because they want to extort them or being used as conduit of blackmail. Phebean Swill and Magret have had enough of this. We can’t allow them to use the celebration of International Women’s Day to bring down hardworking, decent and innocent men in society. They should be told that we have decent men in society whose good work for this nation is written in the good books of life. Leave Dr. Gilpin alone and allow the gentleman to breathe!!

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