Perpetual Blackout, Water Crisis Engulf Freetown

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Perpetual Blackout, Water Crisis Engulf Freetown

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara
Even after 60 years of supposed independence, Sierra Leone, particularly the capital, Freetown, which house over two million of the country’s population continues to grapple with the problems of water and reliable electricity supply.
The city, particularly in the last three years of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) led government continues to face huge challenge in accessing water and getting reliable electricity supply.
While our leaders continue to play dirty politics, the citizens continue to grapple with getting basic amenities especially water and electricity which form part of their basic rights as Sierra Leoneans.
In the last few weeks, the entire city seems to be on a total shut down as power outage and acute water shortage engulf Freetown.
Authorities concerned say it is as a result of maintenance being done on some of their power stations across the city that is responsible for the total blackout in the capital even though the dates given for the said maintenance have passed.
Citizens say both the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Energy and all those at the helm of affairs should by now be shown the exit door and booted out of office for their display of stark ineptitude in handling the affairs of electricity and water supply in Sierra Leone especially after three years now.
As the country, particularly the capital, Freetown continues to wallow in perpetual blackout, those at the helm of affairs in the two entities should by now be bowing their heads in shame for failing the people of this country in the areas of water and electricity supply.
It could be recalled that on Tuesday last week, Sierra Leone celebrated 60 years of independence from British Colonial Rule.
Sadly, there is not much to celebrate about as the country is still unable to provide basic necessities particularly electricity and water for the majority of its citizens.
Citizens in Sierra Leone, particularly those living in the capital, Freetown, which housed over 2 million people, continue to find it extremely difficult to get reliable electricity and water supply especially during the dry season.
Many governments and leaders have come and gone since April 27th 1961, the problems of water and electricity remain prevalent even after 60 years of independence.
It is a shame that leaders who have been at the helm of affairs in the last 60 years have all failed the citizenry of this country especially in the provision of basic things that affect the lives of the majority.

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