Leading the Digital Revolution…Orange Sierra Leone launches 4G +

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Leading the Digital Revolution…
Orange Sierra Leone launches 4G +

The leading telecommunications company in Sierra Leone, Orange has launched 4G+ in a spectacular event on Friday evening at the Bintumani Hotel in Freetown.
The launch which brought together significant players in the telecommunications industry marks a significant upgrade to an already fast and reliable 4G broadband service that Orange Sierra Leone launched and rolled out in 2017.
Chief Executive of Orange Sierra Leone, Aminata Kane Ndiaye said during the launch that 50 Orange sites in the capital Freetown have already been configured for the 4G+.
“As always we are very proud of being the leaders in innovation. We are the first to launch the 4G+, we announced it a month ago, we started putting up our signs. Most of you have been seeing a plus sign to the 4G and we are happy tonight to unveil the first 50 sites,” Madam Ndiaye said.
With the roll out of the 4G+, Orange CEO said this has now put Freetown in an exclusive bracket as one of the continent’s cities with the fastest connectivity.
“It is with great pleasure and pride to announce that 4G+ has become a reality in Freetown and under Orange network. It is purely tailored to satisfy your fastest dreams and ambitions and keep you connected even faster to the rest of the world. Freetown now enters in to a very shortlist of African cities with the fastest connectivity,” she said.
The launch of 4G+ now means Orange customers can browse through the internet faster than any time before. Streaming, downloading and other internet related services will also be at supersonic speed.
Orange has 445 network sites across the country, before Friday’s launch of the 4G+, this is more than any other telecommunication network in the country.
Chief Executive Officer of Sonatel, the parent company for Orange Sierra Leone, Sekou Daramy said the company has spent up to US$150 million since 2016 to position itself as the biggest and most reliable telecommunications network in Sierra Leone.
“When we arrived in Sierra Leone in 2016. We bought a network, which had at that time 247 active sites, covering with essentially Wi Fi services around 60% of the population. Since then, we have invested more than, let’s say, $150 million over the last years to rapidly increase the coverage and accessibility to a modern telecommunication network for all the population of Sierra Leone,” Daramy said.
“And we have done that in line with international standard of quality of service,” the Sonatel boss added.
Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Solomon Jamiru congratulated Orange on the launch and committed government’s support to the work the company is doing.
“Am sure with 4G+ we are having supersonic and uninterrupted speed,” the Deputy Minister said.
The theme of the launch was designed around Super Heroes. In a perfectly curated event, three super heroes were dressed in smartly designed green, white and blue super hero costumes which depicted the Sierra Leone flag.
The three super heroes were symbolisms of three key attributes of the 4G+ network; speed, invisibility and power, CEO Ndiaye said.
The event also brough together some of the top inventors in the country, allowing them to showcase their work and talent. It was also a display of culture with figures of Sierra Leonean heroes carved and displayed in the hall, in addition to the cultural displays throughout the event.

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