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Sierra Leone Maritime Administration is one of the institutions we have been having challenges with perpectually there is never an auditor general report were there is not a daming issue on the SLMA and as you are aware since the days of Lukulay at SLMA, ACC has bern struggling with Maritime, we have pursecuted, we have taking action, we have taking system review but it appears the place cannot be fixed. Year in year out SLMA is a promient part of the auditor generals report something is seriously wrong at SLMA and this year they have pectoral of issues concerning SLMA eventhough several heads have been prosecuted we have done a lot of recovering at the place, we’ve done all kinds of systems review with them as I speak with you we have about 3 or 4 investigstions ongoing in respect of SLMA, here they are again in the leader board in terms of auditor general report, so at page 91 there is payment without supporting documents issues and 91 again another payment without supporting documents issues page 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 98, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 300, 500all of them covering the SLMA and the issue are so diverse, they cover payment with no supporting document, payment of cooperate social responsibility or retired payment not payment of export trade levied, unjustified payment and over payment of vichles, procurement document not submitted, procurement lifting incomplete, maintainance work contact abandon, ineffectiveness of the internal audit department, staff employ without evidence of recruitment processes, salary payment to unverified staff.
In all most of we feel like somebody just have to take actions against maritime because imagine Lukulay was prosecuted not so, Sarah Finda Bendu was investigated she is still paying to us at ACC in respect of Maritime, Massaquoi was charge to court he was found not gulity by the court and was re-instated every administration of Maritime administration even the one they put to act after those people there have issues and these are all serious issue, I am calling on the government and those who have responsibilities to supervise the Maritime administration to seriously look into what is happening at SLMA , we have been doing our job on our part irrespective of the issues they perpetrate, year in year out there are just too many issues for Maritime administration, it appears it dies not matter who goes there I only hope that this is the last time we would have such serious issues coming again irrespective of SLMA

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