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In a recent development, the National Consortium on Public Accountability has taken a firm stance in demanding clarity and resolution regarding serious allegations concerning the disappearance of a substantial amount of government revenue from bank accounts at Ecobank in Sierra Leone. The consortium’s call for accountability comes in the form of a strongly worded letter penned by the esteemed law firm, Brewah and Co, which has been directed to Ecobank in Sierra Leone.
The letter dated 8th January 2024 stated amongst other things that “We trust that your institution will comply with same as soon as possible or within 15 days statutory time. Take notice; that we still maintain our peremptory instruction to seek legal redress through a competent court of Justice, thereby seeking for an injunction in the operation and services of the Bank”
The gravity of the situation cannot be understated, as the alleged disappearance of government revenue has raised significant concerns among citizens and the consortium alike. The letter from Brewah and Co serves as a formal declaration of the consortium’s unwavering commitment to ensuring transparency, integrity, and responsible financial management in the country.
The National Consortium on Public Accountability, comprising individuals and organizations dedicated to upholding the principles of accountability and good governance, has unequivocally highlighted the urgency of addressing these allegations and emphasized the need for Ecobank to provide comprehensive clarification and resolution.
The letter outlines specific demands for Ecobank to fully cooperate transparently with relevant authorities, and take immediate steps to rectify any discrepancies discovered. The consortium, leveraging the expertise and legal counsel of Brewah and Co, has made it abundantly clear that accountability and the prudent management of public funds are non-negotiable principles that must be upheld without compromise.
In response to the serious allegations, the law firm’s letter calls upon Ecobank to demonstrate a firm commitment to addressing the concerns raised and to furnish a detailed account of the measures being taken to safeguard government revenue and ensure the integrity of financial transactions.
Furthermore, the National Consortium on Public Accountability has underscored the broader implications of these allegations, emphasizing the potential impact on public trust, economic stability, and the overall reputation of the financial sector in Sierra Leone. The consortium’s unwavering dedication to upholding public accountability and transparency serves as a powerful testament to the necessity of prompt and effective action in addressing these critical issues.
As a central pillar of the nation’s financial system, Ecobank is expected to uphold the highest standards of regulatory compliance, financial integrity, and ethical conduct. The letter from Brewah and Co not only serves as a resolute demand for answers but also embodies the collective voice of concerned citizens and stakeholders who are deeply invested in the responsible management of public resources.
The National Consortium on Public Accountability’s call for clarification and resolution regarding the alleged disappearance of government revenue in Ecobank accounts stands as a compelling testament to the unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsible governance. With the legal expertise and relentless dedication of Brewah and Co behind this initiative, the consortium’s demands carry significant weight and underscore the imperative for swift and comprehensive action to address these critical allegations. (See full letter)

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