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The Executive Director of Campaign for Human Rights and Development International, Abdul M. Fatoma, on Tuesday 5th March 2024, at his CHRDI Head office in Freetown told journalists that about Nine Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty (9,750) University Students are currently in Darkness to education as a result of the ongoing leadership crisis at the University of Sierra Leone.
According to Fatoma, the country is in a shocking state of affairs due to the manner the government of Sierra Leone is handling the issue at the University of Sierra Leone, which clearly shows a picture that the government is vandalizing the laws of the very state it presides over while jeopardizing the future of the students who are just entering to enroll and pursue the various courses of their choice.
He noted that the carless action made by the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education has directly affected Nine thousand Seven hundred and Fifty students.
“CHRDI is not seeing any genuine or sincere commitment from the government to address these challenging issues,” Fatoma stated.
‘’We are urging the government to immediately resolve the current crisis between the University and the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education,” he said.
Fatorma further maintained that while the constitution of Sierra Leone is the highest law of the land and parliament cannot pass any law that goes against the constitution, the government needs to show high respect for such laws by actions.
He, therefore, called on the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education to reinstate the University of Sierra Leone Court in recognition of the laws of the country.
He went on to say that if the court betrays the laws of the country, CHRDI will also channel towards them, all we want in their dislodge is to cooperate with the government, and the government should also respect the laws of the country and negotiate every possible thing to restore the court within the confine of the laws.

“When the government disrespects its own laws, that is a crisis. The government should always guarantee the security and safety of its citizens. As the education of these children is under serious threat, we are looking forward to the government to respect their right to education.”

Fatorma said as an organization, CHRDI decided to issue a 14-day working notice to the government, and that if appropriate action is not taken within this period, they will be left with no option but to stage a public demonstration in front of the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education.

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