Supporting President Bio’s Big 5 Game Changers…Musa Tarawally Energizes SLPP Grassroots

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Supporting President Bio’s Big 5 Game Changers…
Musa Tarawally Energizes SLPP Grassroots

With the vision of supporting President Julius Maada Bio to deliver on its promises and to ensure that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) retains power in 2028, Alhaji Musa Tarawally has launched a campaign to energize the SLPP grassroots.
As a way of restoring hope and confidence in the grassroots and supporters of the SLPP, a fruitful family meeting was held on Wednesday 7th February, 2024 at the SLPP regional office in the South with party stakeholders and supporters in attendance.
The meeting was attended by the SLPP Regional Secretary General South, Mr. Francis Ibrahim Massaquoi, SLPP Bo Deputy District PRO, Mr. Ahmed Balluwa Kaikai, District Chaplain, Wiston Songo, Regional Women’s Leader, Mrs. Amie Koroma, SLPP Regional Trustee, Mrs. Matta Fofanah, representatives from Both Long Bench and Elders Council including constituency and zonal Executive across Bo District.
In his statement, Mr. Sidikie Fofanah the financial secretary of the political team underscored the significance of such an important gathering, saying that, the purpose of establishing the political team is to assiduously work with president Bio’s vision in transforming Sierra Leone.
Fofanah stressed that Alhaji Musa Tarawally is bringing the SLPP together with the sole motive of reducing vulnerability, disgruntledness and grumbling amongst grassroot party supporters across the country.
He disclosed that, all the numerous constraints and delinquency party supporters are currently experiencing in the party from some party stakeholders would be addressed very soon by way of introducing a no interest Micro Finance Loan to party vulnerable women embarking on agriculture, youth empowerment, and that free technical and vocational training for youth capacitation and youth in construction will be provided among others.
Noting Hon. Musa Tarawally’s vision for the success of President Bio and for SLPPP to retain power in 2028, Santos Sesay stated that Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally’s developmental and transformative drive towards party youths is not only limited to Bo, but the whole country.
He maintained that Hon. Musa Tarawally is working tirelessly to change the narratives of neglecting party supporters after securing positions in governance.
Sesay sadly disclosed that, a lot of party people are currently suffering in the party due to neglect by some of the party stakeholders currently occupying positions of trust, noting that, it’s really appalling to see hundreds of party grassroots seating idle at party offices playing draughts because they don’t have a job to do.
He assured all grassroot supports that Hon. Musa Tarawally has made a commitment to see to it that there is transformation and improvement in their lives.
The SLPP Regional Secretary General South Francis I. Massaquoi expressed gratitude to Hon. Musa Tarawally over what he described as prompt consideration for the welfare of party grassroots, adding
Hon. Tarawally is a well-known political figure in the SLPP and that his contributions towards the party remains unquestionable.
He emphasized that Hon. Musa Tarawally was one of the strongest pillars for President Bio’s resounding victory in 2018 against the main opposition APC.
He urged party supporters to take the good visionary initiative of Hon. Musa Tarawally very seriously and work vigorously to ensure that the vision is actualized for the transformation of the lives of well-meaning Sierra Leoneans.
Representatives from the SLPP Long Bench, Women’s Wings, SLPP Elders Council, Youth Wing, Traders made meaningful contributions and extended special gratitude to Hon. Tarawally for considering and prioritizing party grassroots in his transformation mission.

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