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The ten Members of Parliament belonging to the opposition All People’s Congress party who were removed through a High Court ruling, have told journalists at a news conference how they were betrayed by their very party.

Addressing a news conference declaring the May 31st as the day of injustice in Sierra Leone, which was the exact date the High Court gave ruling to get them removed from Parliament on allegations of perpetrating violence and other electoral offenses, the ten APC MPs revealed to journalists how they were betrayed by their very party.

Acting as chairman for the briefing, Hon. Siraji Rollings Kamara, who himself was a victim, whilst addressing the press, expressed disappointment at the APC for betraying them after they all agreed to take a unanimous stand at a meeting held in Makeni. Out of the ten MPs, four, who were at the press conference, told journalists that had they not staged a Parliamentary walkout, they would not have suffered the predicament they have gone through and are still going through. ‘‘It was because of the walkout we have been unfairly treated and we did that in the name of saving the democratic space and as well for the interest of our beloved party, our constituents and the government and people of Sierra Leone.
The ten removed MPs have decided to call the 31st of May as ‘World Injustice Day’, Hon. Siraj said, as it brings back memories of the day history was made in the country when legitimately elected MPs were deprived by the Court to represent their people on trumped up charges. Hon. Kemokoh Conteh described the day as the commemoration of the injustice they had faced in the past two years.

“We want our constituents to know that we have not forgotten..this is a political tsunami..two years ago, the people’s right have not been given..” he said.

In her own statement, Hon Jariatu said that she does not consider herself removed, as her people are with her and still want her to represent them, adding that 2023 will prove her right.:

“We are more determined than ever. We will continue to fight for our people because we know they believe in us. Today, our people are crying: the decision they made two years ago has been dashed…For me, I resigned from an enviable job to join politics. I am not removed..i refuse to say I am removed..I am still with my people and my people are with me..2023 will soon be here and you will prove me right.” She maintained.

She furthered that the situation in Hon Kadie Davies is different from hers, and she expressed happiness for her being able to stand the storm and triumph in the end.

“I am happy for Hon Kadie Davies because the decision were not the same..if it were the same we would have gone back to Parliament..as for me, am still waiting on the ACC prosecution. When I contacted the ACC boss he told me they have no case against me.” She observed.

Questioning the wisdom of their removal, Hon Siraj said that his issue was that of violence and Hon Kadie Davies was also accused of violence, including the Main Opposition party Leader in Parliament, Hon Chericoco, but maintained that they were not removed like them.
“My issue was violence. Hon Kadi Davies Cole’s issue was also violence and Hon Chericoco the same, but we were removed on the same allegation whilst Hon Chericoco remained. This tells you about the justice system in our country.” He bemoaned.

Hon. Kadie Davies Cole said, “We were removed on political grounds. In my case, they alleged I stole a ballot box. They also alleged violence. A whole lot of intimidation, embarrassment, and ballot boxes turned over by the other political party stalwarts and thugs.
After that, they asked again for a rerun: there was no justification for another rerun; the evidence was there. I was removed because of violence….then after the rerun, no results were announced…and again, they asked for another rerun.
Being in Parliament does not mean I was not removed. We were all removed and the reason why I joined my colleague is that being in Parliament is another psychological torture for me. Resilience and courage should be our trump card,” she stressed.

The month of May is celebrated as freedom or liberation day in Africa. And the day is May 25. It started as African Freedom Day, then to African Liberation Day. And today, it is Africa Day. This day is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organization of African Unity on 25 May 1963. The organization was transformed into the African Union on 9 July 2002 in Durban, South Africa, but the holiday continues to be celebrated on 25 Mayall around the world.
Whilst Africa and the world celebrate freedom from injustice and other prejudices, a significant small number of people in Sierra Leone cannot do same. On May 31, 2019, the High Court of Sierra Leone presided by Justices Komba Kamanda and Momoh Jah-Stevens unjustly removed ten (10) Members of Parliament belonging to the All People’s Congress Party. This compromising decision by the Judiciary was to enable the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party gain simple majority in parliament.
Today is 2 years since that wrongful decision was made. We have to keep reminding ourselves and the world at large about this day. This day in history will never be forgotten:
It is a day that the mandate of over 100,000 people was overturned by just 2 men supposed to mete out justice in the land, but did otherwise. These 2 men did not only removethe 10 MPs, but went ahead and ruled that 9 of us be replaced immediately without countenance to the Rules of Appeal. This was nothing but an indiscriminate perversion of justice.
A day when a learned lawyer who is the Speaker of Parliament did the unexpected and unwarranted – he hurriedly swore in the 9 Court MPs
A day when the Sierra Leone Police unleashed their most barbaric and brutishconducton innocent and harmless peoplemarching from the courtyard to their party office.
We will keep commemorating this day not because we feel aggrieved or bitter anymore; but to remind the judiciary about the injustice they meted out. This day will now be dubbed World Injustice Day. We will keep reminding the judiciary that their action to the effect will not be forgotten and there is always repercussion albeit many years down the line.
As a result of this unjust ruling, one of us, Hon Sheriff Carew has gone to the world beyond. May his soul rest in peace. Four of us living in self exile because of everyday taunting and provocation from supporters of these court MPs; four of us jobless with daily pressure from our constituents.
This day will never be forgotten and our judiciary is hereby called out to live to expectation.
We remain the people’s Members of Parliament:
Hon Kemokoh Conteh – Constituency 108
Hon John Sattie Kargbo – Constituency 111
Hon Hariatu Ariana Bangura – Constituency 116
Hon Momoh Kamara – Constituency 120
Hon Ahmed Mansaray – Constituency -121
Hon Sheriff Carew (deceased) RIP – Constituency 122
Hon Rabbi Sirajin M. Rollings-Kamara – Constituency 127
Hon Abu Bakarr Sillah – Constituency 128
Hon Osman Abdel Timbo – Constituency 130

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