2024 entrepreneurship program…Tony Elumelu Foundation to Empower Another 10,000

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2024 entrepreneurship program…
Tony Elumelu Foundation to Empower Another 10,000

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program, which aims to empower young African entrepreneurs, has announced its selection of 10,000 startups across Africa for the year 2024. This program will serve as a stepping stone towards development in the area of entrepreneurship for interested young Africans and is open to all 54 African countries.
The CEO of the Tony Elumelu Foundation stated that they are not targeting any particular sector but aim to develop ideas that will transform Africa in the next decade. He added that he has allocated one hundred million US dollars to support entrepreneurship programs and believes this initiative will have a significant impact on the entrepreneurship world.
The Tony Elumelu Foundation has made a remarkable impact on the lives of young African entrepreneurs by providing moral and financial support in sectors such as agriculture, engineering, computing, and many others. After twelve weeks of training, trainees will receive five thousand US dollars as start-up capital towards developing their skills.

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