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Karpowership Renegotiation in Turkey….

It seems that youthful power exuberance is driving David Moinina Sengeh too crazy like a car in motion without a driver.

Being the man on top of all the government ministers, therefore, he drives the car of Bio’s cabinet and if he is let go unchecked may cause internal conflagration at the slightest touch of things and lands the government in catastrophe.

From allegations of his effrontery against SLPP political elders because of the obsession to succeed President Bio to undermining the former Minister of Energy, Kanja Sesay leading to his resignation, David Sengeh seems to have become a loose cannon that needs to be fitted.

A flippant dude he seems to have suddenly become, Sengeh was to have the temerity to accuse spiritual leaders of both the Muslim and Christian religions manning their Mosques and Churches of stealing electricity, thus portraying them to the world as people feigning to be religious but are defiling their faiths known for preaching against dishonest actions and thievery.

Not only that but David further had the guts to insult Prophet Issa/Jesus Christ by insinuating that even if he comes down, Sierra Leone will remain where it is. Such are deemed to be sacrilegious utterances not just against the two main religions in the country but Jesus Christ, revered for giving life to the dead.

Allegations further suggest that after undermining the former Energy Minister until his resignation, David Sengeh has filled in the offices of EDSA and Energy Ministry with his cronies in jiffy, coming after the dissolution of the Boards of both EDSA and EGTC.

 Meanwhile, social media is awash with news of David Sengeh leading a delegation to Turkey to renegotiate with the top cadre of the power providing Karpowership. While cross-sections of Sierra Leoneans welcomed this as good news, they quickly lashed out at Sengeh for allegedly taking along with him inexperienced individuals to the Turkey negotiation table, leaving out the energy experts in the ministry.

 Salone Compass gathered at press time from rumours making rounds that Sengeh did not just consider it crucial to include experts but even EDSA and EGTC officials who are imbued with a wealth of experience in energy matters were excluded.

What is more of concern is part of the rumour that indicates that Sengeh went along with his side chick alleged to be a novice in energy matters and has no business being part of the delegation.

The registered worry by Sierra Leoneans is over what good that would ensue as a result with Sengeh teaming up with novices to a very important negotiation like that having to do with sustainable electricity supply to the people.

We are following up on the matter…

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