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Bryn Hunt, the United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone has in an unprecedented Press Conference at the US Embassy in Freetown transformed himself into Public Relations or spokesman for self-style US Mining Mafia Craig Dean and his Marampa Mines.
Bryan Hunt started the Press Conference by stating that he wants to make certain clarifications on some misleading statement on the press about a US Citizen and investor in the country, Craig Dean.
He noted that Marampa Mines which is owned by Craig Dean has paid all taxes to government when asked that there is difference between tax and dividend, the Ambassador went into in Trump like outburst, “You Know what I am telling you, you have to get all sources as a journalist before publishing. Marampa Mines has paid all it taxes and dividend to the government.”
The Journalist insisted that before the publication they contacted Craig Dean and he failed to respond and that they did not know that journalists should contact the Embassy on issues involving US businesses.

Ambassador Hunt went further to explain that PRM Service through which Craig Dean has bought shares in Sierra Rutile in the Australian Stock is a US Company but the journalist responded that PRM Service is registered in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Ambassador Hunt also said that they take it seriously that American investor is being malign by the local press and that it is incredibly damaging, pointing out that the US does not have a position on Craig Dean’s Bid to take over Sierra Rutile.

On the issue of monopoly, the Ambassador highlighted US laws that are against monopoly but that he did not know whether there are laws in Sierra Leone on such, acknowledging that it is expected that US investors will bring with them US standards and tha the most important one is Corporate Social Responsibility.

More on this in subsequent edition.

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