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The situation at the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) is rapidly deteriorating due to the perceived incompetence of both the Executive Director, Reverend Smart K Senesie, and the Board Members who have adamantly refused to dismiss the Director of Transport, Arthur Brima, despite his proven guilt in illegally registering a right-hand vehicle with Registration Number AVH 831.

What has caught many off guard is the inconsistency in the Board’s actions, considering that staff, including the License Manager, were dismissed in 2019 based on internal committee recommendations. A tipoff received by Salone Compass suggests that the Authority is withholding information about Brima’s wrongdoing, with allegations that the Executive Director and other senior officials are manipulating the report to shield the Transport Director while making another staff member the scapegoat.

It has been reported that the Board has received the Report and is expected to take appropriate action based on the recommendations provided. Sources indicate that the committee made several significant recommendations, with the primary one being the necessity to enforce disciplinary measures in line with the terms of service, which may lead to dismissal. The failure of the Board to act on these recommendations has been criticized as incompetence by many within the Authority, leading to a chaotic environment.

The right-hand drive car in question was seized at the Mile 38 checkpoint on January 8th, 2024. It was registered late last year, disregarding Regulation 73 of the SLRSA Act 2011, which prohibits the registration and use of right-hand drive vehicles in the country. Despite all committee members signing off on their findings, no report has been released, and no action has been taken.

Since Reverend Smart K Senesie assumed the role of Executive Director at SLRSA, the Authority has been in a state of upheaval. His refusal to adhere to the committee’s recommendations is seen as an attempt to undermine the efforts of President Julius Maada Bio. This has raised questions about how a man of the cloth can support corrupt practices and defy the committee’s recommendations.

Meanwhile, SLRSA’s Management refused to respond to a letter of clarifications sent by this medium.

Investigation continues…

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