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… To Implement SIC Recommendations


It has been more than a month since the Director of Transport, Arthur Brima, and his associates were implicated in the illegitimate licensing of right-hand vehicles, as outlined in the report submitted to the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA), Rev Smart K Senesie, by the designated Investigation Committee for the purpose of implementing the investigation’s findings and recommendations. Nonetheless, it has come to light that Rev Smart K Senesie is choosing not to disclose the report’s conclusions to the Authority’s staff, thereby shielding the primary offender, Arthur Brima, from being dismissed as per the report’s suggestion.

Arthur Brima was deemed culpable in an internal inquiry report, which was leaked to this publication, for colluding with external parties to unlawfully register a right-hand vehicle bearing Registration Number AVH 831, in violation of Regulation 73 of the Road Traffic Regulation (prohibiting the registration or use of a motor vehicle with the steering wheel positioned on the right-hand side).

The committee put forth a myriad of recommendations, including the immediate termination of the Transport Director and a comprehensive restructuring of the department. Regrettably, the Executive Director, purportedly in cahoots with the Human Resources Director, has not only failed to implement the committee’s recommendations but is also making a concerted effort to shield Mr. Brima, who seems to be an influential figure within the SLRSA and an accomplice to the ED.

According to reports, the ED and the HR Director have intentionally refrained from disclosing the report to the board and management for further action. The SLRSA has been the subject of numerous investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission due to various corrupt activities within the institution.

Rather than striving to repair the institution’s tarnished reputation, the current Executive Director, who is expected to uphold high moral standards as a Man of God, is exacerbating the situation, further tarnishing the authority’s already compromised image.

This is not the first instance of a senior official at the authority violating government regulations. In 2019, a previous investigation report involving a right-hand vehicle (MML 001) led to the dismissal of the then License Manager, Paul B Jusu, for failing to adhere to due process, as recommended by the committee.

The question arises: why is the Executive Director going to great lengths to protect Arthur Brima? Meanwhile, the ED and the management have chosen not to respond to a request for clarification sent by this publication.

The investigation is ongoing…

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