SLMA Joins Eastern Atlantic Hydrographic Conference in Casablanca

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The 18th edition of the Eastern Atlantic Hydrographic Conference has commenced in the vibrant city of Casablanca, Morocco, from May 1st to 3rd, 2024. Among the distinguished attendees is the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration, adding a significant voice to the maritime discourse in the region.

The conference serves as a platform for maritime authorities, hydrographic agencies, and industry stakeholders to exchange insights, address challenges, and explore opportunities in the domain of hydrography. With a focus on the Eastern Atlantic region, discussions ranges from technological advancements in mapping and charting to enhancing safety and security at sea.

Sierra Leone’s participation underscores its commitment to fostering cooperation and collaboration in maritime affairs. As a coastal nation with a growing maritime sector, Sierra Leone recognizes the importance of hydrographic data in promoting navigational safety, supporting marine resource management, and facilitating maritime trade.

The Executive Director’s presence provides an opportunity to showcase Sierra Leone’s initiatives in hydrographic surveying, charting, and capacity building. By sharing experiences and best practices, Sierra Leone aims to contribute to the collective efforts of the Eastern Atlantic community in ensuring the sustainable development of maritime activities.

Furthermore, the conference offers a platform for networking and forging partnerships with counterparts from across the region. Through dialogue and engagement, participants will explore avenues for mutual assistance, joint projects, and knowledge sharing, laying the groundwork for future collaboration in the field of hydrography.

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