Sierra Leoneans in Germany complained Ambassador Baimba Bayoh

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By Abra Tee Jay

The situation involving Ambassador Baimba Bayoh in Germany has raised concerns among Sierra Leoneans residing in Germany. There have been complaints that the ambassador has shown less interest in the welfare and concerns of Sierra Leoneans living in Germany. As a result, there are calls for the government to recall him.

One of the troubling issues that have come to light is the alleged abduction of Sierra Leonean children, who are carrying Sierra Leonean passports. It is reported that German Welfare Organizations are taking advantage of these children and their parents, unlawfully separating them, under the guise of protecting the children’s welfare. This has led to distress and anguish among the parents, who have been unfairly dispossessed of their children, with the alleged connivance of German authorities.

The gravity of such actions cannot be understated, as the well-being of these children and the rights of their parents are being violated. It is crucial for the relevant authorities to investigate these allegations thoroughly and take appropriate action to ensure the safety and rights of Sierra Leonean families living in Germany.

In light of these disturbing events and the concerns raised by the Sierra Leonean community in Germany, it is essential for the government to address these issues promptly and protect its citizens abroad. The rights of Sierra Leonean children and families must be upheld, and steps should be taken to prevent any further injustices from occurring.

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