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The Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority, Rev. Smart Senesi, together with the Director of Human Resources stand accused of protecting Arthur Brima, the embattled Director of Transport at the authority.

Arthur Brima, was found guilty by an internal investigation committee report leaked to this medium, of conniving with outsiders to among other adverse findings, illegally register a right hand drive vehicle, contravening the government’s regulations on same.

A plethora of recommendations were advanced by the committee including the immediate dismissal of the Transport Director and the complete overhaul of the department.

Sadly, the ED in alleged cohorts with the Director of Human Resources, are said to have not only failed to implement the recommendations of the committee but, are seen to be desperately trying to protect Mr Brima, who appears to be the right hand man of the Executive Director and partner in crime.

The ED and the HR Director, according reports, have deliberately failed to not only implement the committee’s recommendations but, have also failed to make the report public to the board and management for onward action.

In recent times, the SLRSA continues to be under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons resulting in a number of investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission for various corrupt practices at the institution.

Rather than fighting to restore to the institution’s battered image, the current Executive Director, a supposed Man of God, who ought to have been a good example, is seen to be doing even worse thereby further denting the authority’s already rotten image.

Meanwhile, the ED and management failed to respond to a letter of clarification sent to them by this medium.

Investigation continues…

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