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*Violates Labour & NASSIT Laws
*Enslaves Local Workers
*Racial Discrimination & More

CEO of LRMG, Gilbert Zhao

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara (Kamalo)
The ongoing situation at the Chinese Mafia Company, Leone Rock Metal Group, formerly known as Kingho Mining, is highly concerning.
There are widespread allegations regarding the mistreatment of local employees and the violation of our country’s Labour, NASSIT, and Immigration laws by the company.
Recently, the Minister of Employment, Labour, and Social Security, Mohamed Rahman Swarray, visited the company’s premises, where local workers expressed their grievances about the treatment they receive from the Chinese employers.
Many of the accusations against Leone Rock Management, which have surfaced in recent newspaper reports, have been corroborated by the local staff.
During the visit, local workers at Leone Rock conveyed their hardships at the Mining Company to the Minister of Labour, Employment, and Social Security, Mohamed Rahman Swaray.
This disclosure was made to the Minister on Thursday, June 20th, when he conducted an on-site inspection at the Leone Rock Mining location to gather firsthand information about the workers’ well-being.
This visit follows reports about the poor treatment of local workers and inadequate working conditions, among other issues, which were refuted by the company.
While at the site, the Minister emphasized that, under the new Labor Law, every individual is entitled to a suitable work environment and assured the workers of his unwavering support.
He assured the workers that the meeting was completely confidential and that any discussions about the employees’ working conditions would not lead to any retaliation against them for speaking out.
Representatives from various sub-companies of Leone Rock expressed gratitude to the Minister for his visit, with one CFRG representative revealing that staff have been terminated without just cause.
Another representative from the Health Department indicated that the company shows no regard for local employees and that promotions are unfairly allocated.
Furthermore, it was mentioned that local positions are being filled by foreigners instead of locals, highlighting the prevalence of discrimination, intimidation, and harassment.
In response, the Minister emphasized that behaviors such as violence, harassment, disrespect, discrimination, and intimidation are unacceptable under the Employment Act of 2023 and underscored that there are penalties for any violations.
The Human Resource Director of LRMG, Mohamed Daffe, stated that they were informed by some employees that there were isolated incidents of mistreatment in the workplace.
He added that Management is currently investigating these allegations to verify their authenticity, as they have not yet been able to identify the actual victims on whose behalf the allegations were reported.
More information on this matter will be provided in upcoming editions.

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