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Renowned Musician Declared Wanted

Law enforcement officials in Sierra Leone are currently on a fervent search for the elusive Knack Sparta, a well-known musician in the country, who was one of the inmates that fled during the prison disturbance on April 29th.

Lamin Kalie Kargbo, also known as Knack Sparta, was apprehended earlier this year after a thorough search was conducted at the home of Paolo Conteh, an opposition figure currently on trial for alleged treason.
Knack Sparta rose to prominence with the release of his album, featuring the hit song “THE PALM TREE HAS CAUGHT FIRE”, which highlighted the dire state of affairs in Sierra Leone under the governance of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party.
Following the release of his album, the young artist became a target for operatives of the ruling party, who made multiple assassination attempts on him and his family, including numerous nighttime raids on his family residence.
This prompted Paolo Conteh to offer him refuge in his home for safety reasons, where Knack Sparta had been residing until his arrest in early April of this year.
Since his purported escape from the Male Correctional Center during the prison riot on April 29th, authorities have conducted searches at his family residence in the eastern part of the capital city in a desperate attempt to locate him.
As of the latest update, the whereabouts of Lamin Kalie Kargbo remain unknown, causing concern among his family members who fear the worst, given that numerous inmates are still unaccounted for after the events of April 29th, 2020.
Police have pledged to exhaust all efforts to apprehend all individuals suspected of escaping during the riot and have offered a reward for any information that could lead to the recapture of any fugitive.

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