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Cape Town, 12th May 2024

A Rokel Commercial Bank delegation including  the Board of Directors Chairman, Buffy Bailor,   Managing Director Dr Walton Gilpin and top IT staff are in Cape Town, South Africa to attend

a high-level meeting on the adoption and use of the innovative Pan African Payment System (PAPPS) by banks around the continent.

Pioneered by the Afreximbank, the PAPPS will create a flawless and highly effective international payment system that will invariably support the African Continental Free Trade Area (AcFTA) established in 2018 and signed by 43 African countries including Sierra Leone. The new cross-border payment also seeks to operationalize a 2019 resolution by African heads of state that the PAPPS should become  the main infrastructure  for payments and settlements within the African financial markets.

Therefore, working with local banks like the RCbank to popularize and promote the adoption and utilization of the payment system tool has been deemed to be a critical component of its growth and success. A high point of the event was when heads from some of the  partnering banks, including the Rokel Commercial Bank shared their experiences on the use of the PAPPS.

At the end of a highly interactive event, RCBank was among the financial institutions nominated as member of the Working Group of the PAPPS network/club to promote the adoption and usage of the payment platform.


KNOWN ALL MEN by these presents that I AMINATA RITA SOPON of No.91 Wilkinson Road, Freetown in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone do hereby on my behalf absolutely renounce and abandon the use of my former names, MISS AMINATA BANGURA and in lieu thereof assume and adopt the names of AMINATA RITA SOPON.

AND for the purpose of evidencing such change of name, I hereby declare that I shall henceforth at all times hereafter in all records, deed documents and other writings and in such suits and proceedings as well as in all dealings and transactions matters and things whatsoever and upon all occasions use and subscribes the said names of AMINATA RITA SOPON as my real name use and in place of and in substitution for MISS AMINATA BANGURA as relinquished aforesaid.

BY THIS DEED, all documents, records, deeds transactions and other writings bearing my former names remain valid as if they were executed in my names of AMINATA RITA SOPON

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