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Customers and members of staff of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank eagerly await the outcome of an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) into the actions of Yusufu Abdul Silla, the bank’s Managing Director. Amid allegations of impropriety and financial misconduct, customers and staff of the bank find themselves on edge, eager for answers and accountability.

Yusufu Abdul Silla stands accused of flouting procurement processes and overspending on an official vehicle, allegations he vehemently denies, labelling them as baseless. The spotlight shines particularly bright on Silla’s reported acquisition of a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser (GXR LC300) valued at approximately 1,162,300,000 Old Leones.

However, eyebrows were raised when it emerged that he had opted for a different vehicle, one not approved by the board, purchased from the Al Kuwait Car Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates for a staggering $140,000—twice the amount approved by the board. Silla, however, maintains his innocence, refuting these claims as well.

As the saga unfolds, Sylvanus Blake the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Anti-Corruption Commission shed light on the situation, confirming that there have been no new updates regarding the ongoing investigation.

Similarly, Augustine Foday-Ngobie, Deputy Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission told this medium that investigations are ongoing.

“The investigations are in progress and the public will be informed accordingly when concluded,” Commissioner Ngobie said.

The uncertainty surrounding the investigation has left customers and stakeholders of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank grappling with a mix of frustration and apprehension. In the words of one concerned customer,

“We deserve transparency and accountability. Our trust has been shaken, and we need to know that justice will be served.” Echoing similar sentiments, another customer expressed,

“The reputation of our financial institutions is at stake here. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to allegations of corruption, in this case justice delayed will be considered justice denied”

In response to mounting public pressure, senior management at Sierra Leone Commercial Bank has assured the public of their commitment to upholding integrity and ethical standards.

“The allegations are concerning and we are cooperating fully with the authorities to ensure a thorough investigation,” stated one senior executive.

Another emphasized, “Our priority remains the trust and confidence of our customers. Rest assured, we will take necessary actions to address any breaches of trust.”

As the story unfolds customers and staff hold the view that the MD should be set aside so as to avoid him obstructing the investigations by way of interfering with sensitive documents which could be hard evidence.

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