Police Intensify hunt for Student Activist

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Police Intensify hunt for Student Activist

Law enforcement agencies in Sierra Leone are engaged in a frantic search for Aminata Kamara, a student activist who absconded from the Female Correctional Center on Sunday, November 26th, 2023 following an attempted coup.
Aminata is a twenty-three-year-old student leader who was spearheading sensitization efforts for “First Time Voters” at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. She and some of her colleagues were arrested and subsequently incarcerated after the August 10th, 2022 protests despite their absence from national politics.
Reports suggest that Aminata and her colleagues were unjustly detained while carrying out their civic duty of leading voter education initiatives.
Since their arrest and detention last year until the events surrounding the attempted coup on November 26th led to all inmates’ release by assailants, Aminata and many others have suffered injustice.
Following her escape during this chaos, police have conducted several raids at her former residence located at 69D Samuels in Kissy Freetown but to no avail. According to neighborhood reports, her family members continue to endure harassment by law enforcement personnel regularly since then.
At present time, it remains unknown where exactly twenty three-year-old Aminata Kamara is; however sources speculate that she managed to flee Sierra Leone via neighboring Guinea on the very day they were freed. Authorities remain determined to locate her through mobilizing significant manpower resources towards this effort.

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