Palo Conteh Criticizes APC’s Ineffectiveness as Opposition

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In a candid and exclusive interview with this press, former Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Defense, and Head of the Emergency Operation Center, Major Retired Alfred Palo Conteh, expressed strong reservations about the All People’s Congress (APC) party’s effectiveness as an opposition force in Sierra Leone. Conteh lamented the party’s lack of proactive engagement on critical issues facing the nation, citing missed opportunities and a perceived failure to challenge the current government on key policy matters.

“I don’t believe the APC is serving as an effective opposition,” Conteh remarked, pointing to the pressing issue of drug abuse, particularly the scourge of Kush that is wreaking havoc on the lives of many young people in the country. He underscored the need for the APC, as a government-in-waiting, to articulate clear positions and policy proposals on tackling drug abuse and related challenges in the society.

Conteh emphasized that the APC should be at the forefront of proposing solutions and alternative approaches to addressing pressing issues like drug abuse if it were in power. He highlighted the importance of providing constructive criticism and offering viable strategies for governance, drawing from the party’s past experiences and successes during its tenure in office from 2007 to 2018.

“When the APC was in power, we successfully expanded the electricity sector from about 5 megawatts to over 70 megawatts, demonstrating our capacity to address critical infrastructural challenges,” Conteh recalled. He noted that the APC should leverage its historical achievements and expertise to present innovative solutions to current issues, such as the persistent electricity shortages and other socio-economic concerns affecting ordinary citizens.

Addressing the government’s flagship free quality education program, Conteh acknowledged the initiative as a positive step towards enhancing access to education but raised concerns about its implementation and effectiveness. He stressed the importance of constructive engagement and critical assessment by the opposition party in evaluating and improving government programs for the benefit of all citizens.

“If I were leading the opposition, I would commend the government for the free quality education program while also highlighting areas that require improvement,” Conteh stated. He suggested that a phased approach to implementing the program could have mitigated challenges and ensured its long-term success, emphasizing the need for constructive dialogue and collaboration to enhance policy outcomes.

Conteh further critiqued the absence of effective oversight and accountability in government institutions, noting the lack of robust opposition voices speaking out on behalf of the marginalized and vulnerable segments of society. He called on the APC to reassert its role as a vigilant guardian of public interests and a vocal advocate for meaningful change and reform across various sectors.

“The APC must reposition itself as a credible and proactive opposition force that addresses the bread-and-butter issues affecting ordinary Sierra Leoneans,” Conteh urged. He emphasized the imperative of a vibrant and responsive opposition capable of holding the government to account and championing the aspirations and concerns of the citizenry.

As Major Retired Alfred Palo Conteh’s critique of the APC’s performance as an opposition resonates within political circles, there is a growing realization of the need for strategic repositioning and revitalization within the party. The call for a more assertive and policy-oriented approach to opposition politics underscores the significance of constructive engagement, visionary leadership, and effective communication in shaping a dynamic and responsive political landscape.

With Conteh’s insights serving as a clarion call for introspection and reform within the APC, the party faces a crucial juncture in redefining its role and relevance in the national discourse. The challenge ahead lies in bridging the gap between past accomplishments and present shortcomings, leveraging institutional knowledge and experience to craft a compelling vision for the future that resonates with the aspirations and expectations of the Sierra Leonean populace.

As the APC navigates the complexities of opposition politics and strives to regain its footing as a formidable force for change and progress, the echoes of Conteh’s critique serve as a catalyst for renewal, unity, and effective engagement in pursuit of a brighter and more inclusive political landscape in Sierra Leone.


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