Orange SL Leads Beach Cleaning Exercise

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Collaborating with IOM, Tourism Ministry…

In a powerful demonstration of corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship, Orange Sierra Leone, one of the country’s leading telecommunications networks, partnered with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Ministry of Tourism to conduct a one-day beach cleaning exercise which was held on Thursday 30th May, 2024 at Aberdeen Beach in Freetown. This initiative, held on the final day of World Environment Week, underscores a collective commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The beach cleaning event brought together a diverse group of participants, including employees of Orange Sierra Leone, IOM staff, representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, local community members and volunteers. Armed with gloves, trash bags and a shared purpose, the participants worked diligently to remove debris and litter from one of Freetown’s most popular beaches. Danetta Younge, Chief Climate Officer at Orange Sierra Leone, addressed the gathering with a message of enthusiasm and purpose. “This event is a very exciting one for us,” she began. “Our goal is to protect marine life and their habitats, which is crucial for environmental conservation and combating climate change. By participating in this effort, we are not just cleaning a

beach; we are contributing to the sustainability of our environment and setting an example for others to follow.”

She emphasized the importance of individual and collective action in environmental conservation. “It’s important for everyone to consciously remember that by participating in this effort, they are making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. We must undertake this task with honor and pride, knowing that our actions today will have a positive impact on future generations.”

Emmanuel Brima Sherriff, the Community Outreach and Tourism Officer of the National Tourist Board, expressed gratitude on behalf of the Minister of Tourism, Madam Nabilla Tunis. He lauded the collaborative efforts of Orange Sierra Leone and IOM in organizing the beach cleaning. “We are deeply thankful for these efforts, which not only enhance the beauty of our coastline but also promote positive messages about Sierra Leone,” he stated.

He highlighted the importance of countering negative stereotypes about the country. “We need to promote positive stories about Sierra Leone. I encourage everyone to take meaningful photos and share them, highlighting the beauty and potential of our country. This is especially important as the Minister has announced a renewed focus on domestic tourism. We all have a role to play in promoting and supporting this initiative.”

He concluded his speech with a rallying cry: “Tourism is everyone’s business. Let’s work together to show the world the true beauty of Sierra Leone.”

Sia Moses Kabba, Senior Project Assistance at IOM, shared her optimism about the long-term impact of the beach cleaning initiative. “A single significant change can have a considerable positive impact on the environment,” she noted. “We hope that this collaboration with Orange Sierra Leone and the Ministry of Tourism continues. It’s crucial that we persist in our efforts to advance the business and environmental interests of Sierra Leone.”

She underscored the importance of ongoing efforts to balance business development with environmental conservation. “As we strive to promote economic growth and improve livelihoods, we must ensure that environmental considerations remain a priority. Today’s event is a testament to what we can achieve when we work together towards a common goal.”

Orange Sierra Leone’s leadership in this initiative reflects its commitment to corporate social responsibility and its role as a champion of environmental sustainability. By partnering with IOM and the Ministry of Tourism, the company has set a precedent for future collaborations aimed at preserving Sierra Leone’s natural beauty and promoting sustainable development.

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, initiatives like this beach cleaning exercise serve as a reminder of the power of community action. They inspire hope and demonstrate that together, we can make a difference.

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