Orange Money, B2B Engage SMEs, Others

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Orange Money SL, in collaboration with Orange Sierra Leone and its Business-to-Business (B2B) Division, held an engagement forum at the Freetown City Hall, on the 6th June, 2024, to foster dialogue and enhance service delivery for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) customers. The event, aimed at understanding and addressing the needs of business partners underscores Orange’s commitment to customer-centric innovation and service improvement.

The CEO of Orange Money, David Mansaray, in his statement, expressed his enthusiasm for the forum, which was well-attended by business owners. He emphasized the critical role of Orange Money in business transactions, noting that while many attendees were not currently using the service for their business needs, the potential for adoption is promising.

He highlighted the functionalities of Orange Money, including payment collections and disbursements further discussing the platform’s forthcoming features. The CEO announced plans to introduce solutions that facilitate seamless transfers between merchant accounts and banks, alongside other financial services to be rolled out through strategic partnerships.

He said his vision is to simplify financial processes for small business owners, providing them with easier access to loans and other benefits without the burden of extensive documentation.

“Orange Money aims to build a new community relationship by integrating our services into the business landscape. We are excited about the potential to expand our offerings and deepen our connections with SMEs and SoHo customers,” the CEO stated, expressing optimism for future engagements.

Acting CEO of Orange Sierra Leone, Chiekh Mboye, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to innovation and growth. He stressed the importance of collaboration and the need for continuous feedback from business partners to enhance Orange’s products and services. He encouraged attendees to actively participate, share their needs and provide feedback to help shape the company’s offerings.

“We believe in the power of partnership and are dedicated to improving our relationships with our customers. This event is a step towards building stronger connections and supporting businesses in achieving success,” he remarked, highlighting Orange’s focus on creating value for its customers.

Annie Wonnie Katta, the Deputy Chief Commercial Officer (DCCO) of Orange, echoed these sentiments, expressing gratitude to the attendees for their vision and for facilitating seamless integration with Orange’s services. She emphasized that Orange is shifting from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach, tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations, especially SMEs.

She noted that Orange recognizes the importance of digitalization for business growth and is committed to providing top-notch digital solutions sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide. “We prioritize customer needs and are focused on creating specialized products and services for businesses. Today, we are listening to our customers to understand how we can better support their growth and success,” she explained, highlighting Orange’s extensive infrastructure and its benefits for digital solutions.

During the event, customers were divided into groups and asked to share the problems they were experiencing with Orange’s services and how they could be improved. The interactive sessions allowed attendees to voice their concerns and provide valuable feedback directly to the company’s leadership.

The event concluded with a message of optimism and a commitment to ongoing dialogue and collaboration. Orange Sierra Leone, Orange Money and their B2B division are poised to continue supporting SMEs and SoHo customers, driving innovation, and fostering stronger business relationships across Sierra Leone.

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