NASSIT Warns Non-Compliant Employers

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The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) has issued a stern warning to non-compliant employers, urging them to fulfill their obligations or face legal consequences.

Mohamed Fuaad Daboh, the Director General of NASSIT, delivered the warning during a recent event at the  Freetown International Conference Centre, Bintumani Hotel. He emphasized the importance of employers being compliant and resolute in paying contributions for their employees.

Daboh commended institutions that have consistently met their obligations and stressed the significance of timely contributions to the NASSIT scheme. He stated that compliant employers deserve recognition and urged others to emulate their example.

However, Daboh cautioned non-compliant employers that they would face the NASSIT Industrial Court if they failed to adhere to their contribution requirements. He emphasized the Trust’s commitment to ensuring that all employers, particularly in the public sector, fulfill their responsibilities towards their employees’ social security.

NASSIT, established by the late President Alhaji Tejan Kabbah, aims to provide social security services to pensioners and beneficiaries. Daboh reiterated the scheme’s importance for future retirees and urged all employers to register their workers voluntarily before it becomes mandatory.

In conclusion, Daboh reiterated NASSIT’s determination to enforce compliance and urged non-compliant employers to rectify their actions to avoid legal repercussions. The warning serves as a reminder of the Trust’s commitment to safeguarding the welfare of employees across Sierra Leone.

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