NASSIT Getting Bigger & Better

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Education about NASSIT affairs is the responsibility of the Public affairs department of NASSIT.

It is against this background that the Public Affairs unit at NASSIT is doing its utmost to take NASSIT messages all across the country in order to attract more people to join the scheme.

Since its establishment to date, getting people to join the scheme has been the main operation of NASSIT, apart from its primary mandate which is to pay pensions and make other contingency payments to eligible subscribers.

With Mohamed Fuuad Daboh at the helm of affairs as Director General of NASSIT, the reality is that because of his good leadership style, much has and is being achieved by way of attracting more subscribers to the scheme.

Steps are currently underway to bring on board the Informal Sector employers and employees so that they too would be beneficiaries to the Scheme.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that every effort is being used by NASSIT to sensitize and educate Sierra Leoneans on the importance and benefit of joining NASSIT.

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