NASSIT Enhances Social Security Infrastructure

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The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) is recognized as the central operational social security system and a significant tool for fostering the relationship between the government and its citizens, thereby fostering political stability, patriotism, longevity, and personal well-being of contributors. To uphold its integrity, sustainability, and public services, the program is undergoing an enhancement initiative to elevate its quality and effectiveness in every aspect.

Consequently, ensuring the security of life, housing, sustenance, a minimum living wage guarantee, assistance for dependents and elderly citizens, unemployment benefits, and aid for the less fortunate constitute the fundamental objectives of the government. This is the reason why Sierra Leone is fortunate to have the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) under the leadership of Mohamed Fuuad Daboh as Director General, whose impact is felt nationwide.

It is worth noting that the late President Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (may he rest in peace) advocated for the establishment of NASSIT after recognizing that social insurance encompasses comprehensive systems that enable workers and their families to pool risks to mitigate income loss resulting from retirement, death, disability, or unemployment, and to ensure access to healthcare. It provides coverage for the risks associated with aging that are beyond one’s control, impact everyone, and are challenging to plan for.

Although NASSIT is among the youngest social security institutions in Africa, its performance in terms of coverage, fund growth, and adherence to international best practices has been remarkable, positioning it as a key driver of economic advancement.

Its Social Security program establishes a safety net containing essential social security assurances that will guarantee that all citizens of Sierra Leone can afford and access essential income security at a nationally defined minimum level throughout their lives.

NASSIT aims for all individuals residing in the country to have the financial security to access a nationally defined set of essential services, enjoy income security at a nationally defined minimum level through family/child benefits in cash or in kind to facilitate education and care access; for elderly residents to have income security at a nationally defined minimum level through cash and/or in-kind benefits; and for active age groups unable to earn sufficient income to enjoy minimum income security through social assistance or other cash transfers.

Upon careful consideration and reflection on the current economic situation in the country, it is evident that NASSIT serves as a solution to our existing challenges, necessitating urgent reinforcement of the social security sector to effectively address and mitigate societal issues.

Social security is a multifaceted insurance program that safeguards against income loss due to retirement, death, or disability. In Sierra Leone, the scheme is actively working towards revitalizing the country’s economy. Sierra Leoneans are encouraged to embrace NASSIT as a continuous beneficial program that simplifies life for all, especially in old age, by ensuring longevity and contentment.

Given this context, NASSIT is presently focused on realizing projects like the Sewa Grounds Market, which aims to relocate street vendors to a modern market complex in the near future.

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