Labour Minister Settles Sierra Rutile Impasse

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Panguma, Thursday, 30th May 2024 – The recent unrest at Sierra Rutile (SL) Ltd, characterized by a workforce strike, has been peacefully resolved following effective mediation by the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security in collaboration with its tripartite partners; the Sierra Leone Labour Congress and the Sierra Leone Employers’ Federation.

The strike stemmed from grievances surrounding wage discrepancies and other operational irregularities at the site.

However, through constructive dialogue, an agreement fostering peace and progress has been reached between the workers and their employer, Sierra Rutile.

Key components of the agreement include the commitment from management to adhere to all statutory requirements concerning the terms and conditions of service for Sierra Rutile employees.

Additionally, provisions have been made for the proper payment of overtime as per legal provisions and the Collective Bargaining Agreement applicable to their sector, along with the full payment of risk allowances in accordance with the law.

In response to the resolution the Minister of Employment, Labour and Social Security, Mohamed Rahman Swaray, expressed optimism for the future, stating, “This agreement underscores our commitment to fair labour practices and sustainable industrial relations. It ensures that the concerns of the workers are addressed while also promoting a conducive working environment for all parties involved.”

With this successful mediation, operations at Sierra Rutile are expected to resume smoothly, ensuring the continued productivity and stability of the company.

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