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The family residence of popular Sierra Leone musician, Lamin Kalie Kargbo alias Knack Sparta, on Sankoh Lane,Wellington, Freetown, has on the night of Saturday, 16th May, 2020, came under serious attack by operatives believed to be members of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party.
The attack, according to residents, was carried out in connection to Knack Sparta, the popular musician, whose song, ‘’D PALM TREE DON KECH FIRE’’, that was released last year, still remains a thorn in the flesh of the ruling party.
He has since been declared wanted by police on Thursday 7th May, 2020 at a press conference held at their headquarters on George Street, Freetown following his disappearance in the immediate aftermath of the April, 29th Prison riot.
Police and ruling party authorities and operatives believe the musician’s family knows his whereabouts while his family insist that they have not set their eyes on him since his was arrested and incarcerated at the Pademba Road Maximum Prison in early April this year.
This latest attack on Sparta’s family is the third in as many months since the release of his song last year and it came following another attack and torture last week, of his kid brother, Ibrahim Bangura aka Bakayoko, who is still admitted at a hospital in Freetown with life threatening injuries.
The latest attack saw several residents, including his parents, siblings and tenants mercilessly beaten and properties vandalized.
In all this, the police have refused to take any step towards bringing perpetrators to book despite several reports, thereby leaving many to conclude that the attackers have enjoyed their backing all this while.
Lamin Kargbo’s family, especially his aged parents are calling on rights based groups to come to their rescue as the intimidation and harassment is becoming unbearable for them.

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