…Kambia Police Compromises Shooting incident

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The tragic incident in Kawonsor Village Madina Town, Kambia District Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom which led to the alleged shooting of one Momoh Dumbuya a resident of Kawonsor by one Musa Sesay commonly known as Musa Baylaybaylay of Mapendehun Village has been treated with levity by the Police in Kambia.

The Regional Crime Officer of the North West Region, CSP Lamin Kamara said that they requested for the file because they noticed that the matter was moving at a very slow pace but that upon their request, no file was submitted on the alleged shooting of Momoh Dumbuya.

He said that there is a file of guns discovered by the Police in Kambia and that they have requested for the complete submission of files in the entire matter for proper and speedy investigation to be carried out.   

This was revealed on Tuesday 21st May 2024 when stakeholders of Kawonsor Village went to Port Loko after they were informed that the file has been transferred to Port Loko to find out the status of the matter.

According to the people of Kawonsor Village, the shooting in question took place on Monday 22nd April 2024 adding that Momoh Dumbuya was shot at his farm by Musa Sesay on the order of one Amadu M’balu Kamara and that he was immediately rushed to the Government Hospital in Kambia where he was operated.

That during the operation, 4 bullets were removed from Momoh Dumbuya and that prior to the operation, they paid the sum of NLe200 to the police for the printing of photos of Momoh Dumbuya which should serve as evidence of his shooting which were not submitted in the file transferred to Port Loko by the Police in Kambia.

Efforts made to reach the Local Unit Commander (LUC) and Crime Officer in Kambia proved fruitless as they failed to respond to the concerns. 

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