Kalilu Massaquoi Commits to Empower Prince of Wales School

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At Prince of Wales School, Mr. Kalilu Julian Massaquoi’s dedication is clear and impactful. As an esteemed educator and advocate for cultural exchange, he has significantly influenced both the institution and its pupils.

Educational Enrichment:

Mr. Massaquoi’s commitment to education shines through in his relentless efforts to enhance the learning experience at Prince of Wales School. Through his collaboration with the Confucius Institute, under the leadership of Professor Chenxuebi , he ensures pupils have access to essential educational resources, such as school supplies, geometry sets, calculators, and books, including recent HSK 1 books.

Cultural Exchange:

Beyond academics, Mr. Massaquoi fosters a culture of cultural exchange at Prince of Wales School. Introducing Chinese language and martial arts programs, he expands pupils’ horizons and fosters cultural understanding.

Historic Achievement:

A significant milestone was reached on April 25th, 2024, as Prince of Wales School became the first government school to take Chinese exams, now part of their report cards. This groundbreaking step marks the inclusion of Chinese as an elective course, alongside French, showcasing Mr. Massaquoi’s vision for embracing diversity and expanding horizons.

National Advocacy:

Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders in basic education and the Prince of Wales administration, Mr. Massaquoi is spearheading a movement to introduce Chinese exams on a national level. This initiative reflects his commitment to providing opportunities that transcend borders and benefit pupils across the country.

Community Engagement:

Mr. Massaquoi’s dedication extends beyond the classroom. Initiatives like the donation of 50 chairs and tables demonstrate his commitment to creating a conducive learning environment at Prince of Wales School.

Above all, Mr. Massaquoi’s work embodies a commitment to empowering pupils through education. By providing quality resources and opportunities for cultural exchange, he equips pupils with the tools they need to thrive.

Legacy of Leadership:

Principal George Abiodu Lefrey acknowledges Mr. Massaquoi’s transformative impact on Prince of Wales School. His leadership and service continue to inspire generations of pupils.

Under Mr. Massaquoi’s leadership, the Prince of Wales Board awarded a new building project to the Chinese, influenced by his advocacy for collaboration with the Chinese Construction Company. Despite the Chinese boss’s unawareness, Professor Jingman is aware of Mr. Massaquoi’s actions. His legacy at Prince of Wales School extends beyond cultural exchange, creating job opportunities not only for the Chinese but also for local people, through collaboration with the Chinese Construction Company.

Mr. Kalilu Julian Massaquoi’s dedication to Prince of Wales School exemplifies his commitment to educational excellence, cultural integration, and community empowerment. Through historic achievements, national advocacy, and collaborative initiatives, he continues to shape the future of education in Sierra Leone.

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