Hon. Zinabu Timbo Bah Dishes Educational Kits to NPSE Pupils

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Honorable Zinabu Timbo Bah, Member of Parliament for Constituency 110 in the Western Area Rural District, has on Friday 3rd May 2024, at different locations in the Western Area Rural District, donated educational kits to over five hundred (500) pupils from various primary schools. The schools included REC Primary School Hamilton, REC Primary School Funkia Goderich, and REC Primary School Adonkia.

During a short interview, Honourable Zinabu Timbo Bah said that she decided to give back to the people more especially the children because she believes that they are the future leaders, and that as children they deserved the best. She noted that most of their parents are not financially strong while others are orphans. She stressed that the motivation behind the donation is her strong passion for education and the desire to see her district excel educationally. She explained that with a good educational background, these pupils will grow up to be role models in society, worth emulating, thereby adding more value to the economic growth of the country. Each and every pupil received a geometry set, a pen and a pencil.

Honourable Zinabu Timbo Bah has been playing a significant role towards the development of her constituency. Quite recently, she spearheaded the fight against kush when she mobilized various communities which included Goderich, Funkia, Adonkia, the police force, and community stakeholders including children, to raise awareness about the deadly effects of kush.


CREDIT: Media and Communication Team of Hon. Zinabu Timbo Bah

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