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… Abuse of Office, Land Grabbing, Blackmail

Continuing our investigation into the allegations surrounding Honorable Hawa Rosaline Siafa’s purported land encroachment on the property of Deputy Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Umaru Napoleon Koroma.

In this pursuit of truth, we assure our readers that we will not be swayed by the attempts of one of Honorable Hawa Siafa’s hired media associates, who has resorted to blackmail and even pleaded for forgiveness from President Julius Maada Bio and the Independent Media Commission (IMC). No, we will not engage with an unscrupulous individual who has lost credibility due to his immature behavior on social media.

It is worth
noting that last year, this same person was brought before the IMC and was
compelled to apologize for labeling the institution a “Kangaroo
Court” and baselessly accusing four IMC Commissioners of being political
operatives. This individual, posing as a journalist, had to make a public
apology to the President for defamatory statements he made against the
President and his family. Strangely, this same individual, who has shown
blatant disrespect towards the President and esteemed members of society, has
become an accomplice in Honorable Hawa Roseline Siafa’s land grabbing schemes.

It is quite
evident that the partnership between a legislator like Honorable Siafa and a
serial blackmailer like this individual raises questions. The individual’s
propensity to make derogatory remarks against the President and high-ranking
members of the SLPP may have been influenced by figures like the Member of
Parliament for Kailahun. Honorable Siafa must address these concerns,
especially regarding her alleged use of connections within the former APC
government to intimidate a lawyer over the same piece of land.

our initial exposé, Honorable Hawa Roseline Siafa is suspected of increasing
the incentives for the individual to intensify attacks on the Deputy Minister,
who has only presented legitimate documentation to support his ownership of the
land in Bathurst Village. As we await further developments on this matter, we
challenge Honorable Hawa Siafa and her associate to provide evidence of the
2008 survey documents for the Bathurst land. Can they produce a single
individual to corroborate their dubious claims?

Honorable Siafa’s aggressive and authoritarian behavior be the reason for her
contentious divorce from her husband Gbessay Siafa, leading to subsequent
relationships with other men?

Despite our
efforts to reach out to Honorable Hawa Siafa, we were denied access by security
personnel at Parliament on three separate occasions.

We are
prepared to publish Honorable Siafa’s response whenever she is ready.

Stay tuned!!© Truth
Media(Nothing but
the Truth).

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