Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally Contributes to Govt. Human Capital Development Agenda

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On Saturday 25th May 2024 over 50 students graduated and received their certificates on Fashion Design and Tailoring after a six-month training program organized by Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally’s Garment Factory.

In his statement, the Production Manager who is also a Trainer in Tees Garment Factory, Asif Ali explained that the program started in August of 2023 and ended in February of this year making it a six-month effective training in tailoring and fashion designing of the trainees.

He mentioned that the program which has just ended was made up of two batches of 50 each summing up to 100 students in total who enrolled for the training program noting that over 50 of them graduated.

He maintained that the initiative by Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally is his contribution to the Human Capital Development of the country which will in turn contributes to job creation for Sierra Leoneans.

He disclosed that there are about 60 to 70 Indians, Pakistanis, Philippines and Senegalese who were brough to Sierra Leone by Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally to not only train Sierra Leoneans but to also ensure skills transfer.

He admonished the graduates to put what they have learnt into good use and also ensure that they learn more skills for future jobs in order to be able to take care of their family. 

He said that Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally always tell him that he wants to pay back to his country which is the reason for this initiative.

One of the graduates, Marie Adama Kargbo said that before enrolling for the six-month training program, she knew nothing about a tailoring machine. She stated that she can now stitch and shew with an industrial machine. She said that the machines are advanced machines and easy to use.

Another graduate, Emmanuel Raymond Sannoh said that they went through the six-month training program organized by Tees to be empowered fashion design and tailoring.

Sannoh said that even though there were challenges but that the program was good as they have acquired life skills which has been made possible due to commitment of management and students.

“We were about 100 or more in number who started the training but today over 50 of us have received our certificate. Some could not receive their because they are not here and due to some other reasons,” he said.

He stated that he will ensure that he adds to his knowledge base and make sure that he transfers what he has been though to others who are willing to learn.

Conferring the students worthy to receive the certificates, the Guest of Honour, a lecturer at the MMTU, John Baimba congratulated the graduates and advised them to make use of the knowledge they have acquired. 

Speaking on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Tees, Ambassador Bockarie Ensa congratulated the graduates and encouraged that to keep their certificates safe.

Noting that the training program is Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawally’s contribution to the Human Capital Development of Sierra Leone, he said that Hon. Tarawally promise to expand on it so that more people can benefit.

He disclosed that Hon. Musa Tarawally said that if they decide to go into groups and establish their own enterprises, he will be available for discussions to give out his support.

That he (Hon. Musa Tarawally) also promised that should Tees decides to take a step further on what has started, they (the graduates) will be the first choice to be considered.     

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