For Alleged Kickbacks…FINANCE MINISTRY PAYS $64.7 MILLION TO PAVIFORT …Deprives Other Contractors

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For Alleged Kickbacks…

According to reports from the Ministry of Finance, the Bio administration disbursed a significant amount of $64.7 million to Alimu Barrie of Pavifort between September 2023 to April 2024 for the construction of the Kenema and Kabala roads in Sierra Leone. Allegations have surfaced suggesting that Barrie leveraged his political connections to secure these payments. The decision to allocate such a substantial sum to a single contractor during a period of financial constraints facing the government has raised concerns regarding fairness and transparency.
Recent disclosures of the Ministry of Finance issuing dishonored checks to government contractors have heightened the prevailing apprehension. The country is experiencing a financial crunch, evident from the challenges in meeting crucial expenses such as salaries and utilities like electricity. The power crisis, illustrated by the failure to settle bills with Turkish Karpowership leading to widespread power outages, has resulted in serious repercussions, including tragic incidents such as the death of an infant in a hospital due to the power failure.
The delay in compensating local contractors and the discriminatory approach in settling outstanding debts, particularly observed in the Pavifort case, has triggered disapproval and doubt among citizens and political analysts. This scenario has raised legitimate apprehensions about the government’s financial management practices and priorities, particularly when essential services and infrastructure are compromised due to financial constraints.
It is imperative for the government to transparently address these concerns and ensure equitable treatment of all contractors. The mismanagement of finances not only affects the livelihoods of citizens but also undermines the government’s credibility and effectiveness. Concrete measures must be implemented to regain public confidence and uphold accountability in economic affairs to prevent further crises and foster sustainable development.
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