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By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara (Kamalo)

Sierra Leone’s National Revenue Authority faces a grim future if speculations surrounding the potential appointment of Kabineh Kallon, the former unsuccessful Minister of Transport and Aviation, as the Board Chairman of the authority hold any truth.

The proposed selection of Kabineh to lead an organization deemed the lifeblood of the nation is viewed by many as a looming disaster, particularly at a time when the country requires individuals with established expertise at the helm of affairs.

The Sierra Leonean Government is currently grappling with financial constraints in executing its daily operations, heavily relying on the revenue generated by the National Revenue Authority (NRA) to support its initiatives, especially since donor funds are not readily accessible.

However, the anticipated appointment of Kabineh Kallon as Board Chairman, a person lacking experience in tax and revenue collection, and a demonstrated failure in managing a less critical transport sector compared to the NRA, would spell disaster for both the government and the citizens of Sierra Leone.

Many citizens liken Kabineh Kallon to ‘Dandogo’ from the renowned ‘WAN POT’ Show, whose incompetence knew no bounds.

According to numerous citizens, Kabineh is not only inept but also lacks the ability to effectively communicate, read, and write.

Furthermore, reports of his meetings with NRA staff, during which he allegedly mentioned that the President had tasked him with purging the institution of individuals with northwestern connections and assembling a team that would comply with his every whim, are deeply troubling.

It is imperative to acknowledge that the current Board Chairperson, Madam Adama Tuma Jabbie, a seasoned Lawyer with expertise in Tax and Revenue, will conclude her term in June. Therefore, any successor must possess sufficient competence to fill the shoes of what many have described as an outstanding administrator.

Citizens are urging President Bio to carefully reconsider and avoid the error of appointing Kabineh Kallon, an individual widely regarded as incompetent, a failure, and akin to ‘Dandogo’, to lead an institution as crucial as the NRA.

We are closely monitoring!

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