CRSG Reaffirms Commitment to CSR

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CRSG will Continues its Commitment to CRS and initiate the following for community along the Wellington-Masiaka Highway road corridor:

 . Parking lot

. Solar light

. Traffic light

. Market

. Support for community development

In a world where corporate social responsibility has become a vital aspect of business operations, China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) reaffirms its dedication to supporting the economic and social development of Sierra Leone. Since its inception in Sierra Leone in 2007, CRSG has consistently displayed exemplary corporate governance and a steadfast commitment to fulfilling its social responsibilities, setting a benchmark for international enterprises operating in the country.

Responsible to Partners

CRSG’s unwavering commitment to supporting Sierra Leone during times of crisis sets it apart as a reliable partner. In times of epidemics, emergency rescue operations, and disaster relief efforts, CRSG has demonstrated its commitment through practical actions that have made a significant impact on local communities. During the Ebola epidemic in 2014, CRSG played

a crucial role in transporting anti-Ebola supplies, showcasing its dedication to the people of Sierra Leone.

Moreover, when natural disasters such as the landslide in Freetown in August 2017 occurred, CRSG swiftly mobilized a rescue team, risking their own safety to save lives and properties in the affected areas. Similarly, when the Savage Bridge collapsed in downtown Freetown in September 2020, CRSG undertook the challenging task of reconstructing the bridge amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Their timely completion of the project to high construction standards garnered praise from the Ministry of Works and Public Assets.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CRSG stood in solidarity with the people of Sierra Leone by reducing toll tariffs on the Wellington-Masiaka Highway, providing crucial relief during a period of economic strain. Their support extended beyond monetary gestures, as they donated COVID-19 prevention materials, facilitated the free passage of special vehicles for the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Center, and assisted in transporting essential epidemic prevention supplies for the military.

Responsible to Clients and Users

CRSG’s commitment to executing and completing projects with excellence is exemplified in their work on the Wellington-Masiaka Highway, a groundbreaking road project in Sierra Leone. The efficient services, state-of-the-art operating facilities, and adherence to quality standards have earned CRSG praise from both road users and government officials, underscoring their commitment to delivering quality infrastructure projects.

Responsible to Employees

CRSG’s corporate culture centers around treating employees as family members, fostering a sense of unity and belonging within the organization. They prioritize the personal safety, career advancement, and quality of life of their Sierra Leonean employees, creating a work environment grounded in mutual respect and support.

CRSG’s commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities towards national development in Sierra Leone transcends mere corporate obligations – it embodies a genuine partnership based on shared values and a collective vision for progress. By upholding the principles of social responsibility, professionalism, and community engagement, CRSG has established a standard for responsible corporate citizenship in Sierra Leone, leaving a lasting imprint on the country’s development trajectory.

In line with its ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) announces its latest initiatives aimed at further contributing to the well-being and development of communities, such as parking lot, solar light, traffic light, market, community development support along the Wellington-Masiaka Highway road corridor.

China Railway Seventh Group’s commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities goes beyond mere corporate obligations – it reflects a genuine partnership rooted in shared values and a common vision for progress. By embodying the principles of social responsibility, professionalism, and community engagement, CRSG has set a benchmark for responsible corporate citizenship.NASSIT DG Admonishes Non-

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