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Imminent Board Chair Appointment

Reliable sources at State House have informed the press of the upcoming appointment of Kabineh Kallon, the former Minister of Transport, as the Board Chairman of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), following the conclusion of Madam Tuma Gento Kamara’s term.

It has been reported that Kabineh has already conducted three distinct meetings with high-ranking personnel at the nation’s revenue organization, notifying them of his upcoming assumption of the role to replace Madam Tuma Jabbie, whose tenure is nearing its end.

Sources suggest that during these meetings, Kabineh Kallon revealed that President Bio has mandated him not only to join the NRA but also to eliminate individuals with ties to the northwestern region and establish a formidable team that will comply with his desires and demands.

It is worth noting that Kabineh Kallon served as the Minister of Transport and Aviation for five years, however, he was unable to effectively perform in that capacity, resulting in his replacement following the elections on June 24th, 2023.

Hence, if the speculations regarding his imminent appointment as the Board Chair of an institution regarded as the lifeblood of the nation are accurate, it can be said that Sierra Leone is in jeopardy, as many Sierra Leoneans fear that Kabineh Kallon will not only reverse progress made within the institution but will also cause substantial damage to it.

At a time when the country needs serious minded individuals to tackle the current economic woes ravaging the masses, the public now anxiously anticipates whether President Bio will make the serious error of appointing an individual seen as both inexperienced and a proven underachiever in managing the transport sector, which is deemed less critical, to lead an institution considered vital to Sierra Leone.

We are watching closely!

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