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The Corporate Secretary of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank has informed journalists that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is currently probing alleged corruption concerning the Managing Director of the Bank, Abdulai Yussuf Silla.

Victor T Biandoma was addressing questions posed by a team of journalists, including the undersigned. He verified the existence of allegations concerning procurement irregularities by the MD but refrained from confirming their veracity as the ACC’s investigation is ongoing, indicating that they are awaiting the conclusion of the ACC’s probe.

The MD is under investigation for purportedly violating procurement procedures by unilaterally acquiring an armored bulletproof jeep at the steep price of one hundred and forty thousand United States Dollars ($140,000), blatantly contravening the board’s prior approval.

Records in our possession clearly indicate that the SLCB Board, on the 14th of February, 2022, sanctioned the sum of one billion one hundred and sixty-two million three hundred thousand old Leones (Le 1,162,300,000) for the purchase of an official vehicle for the Managing Director.

Nevertheless, the MD, without adhering to the Procurement Committee’s deliberations and approval procedures, proceeded to alter the board’s sanctioned amount without its consent, subsequently submitting a purchase invoice and a delivery note to the Finance Director and head of Procurement for payment processing.

In accordance with the Public Procurement Act of 2016 and the Implementing Regulation of 2020, the MD’s actions in modifying the board’s prior approval to a significantly higher amount with different vehicle specifications without prior consultation with the board or procurement committee constitute violations and breaches warranting punitive measures.

Regrettably, the ACC, instead of suspending the MD, as natural justice dictates and despite compelling evidence of corruption, appears to be lenient by dragging its feet in the investigation.

It is increasingly becoming a recurring pattern for the Anti-Corruption Commission to engage in subterfuge when confronted with flagrant corruption, especially involving members of the current administration.

It is imperative that the ACC commence efforts to rehabilitate its tarnished reputation by enforcing the laws impartially.

The public eagerly anticipates the commission to take appropriate action against the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Managing Director, Abdulai Yussufu Silla, whose action, by all evidence point to blatant corruption.

Investigation continues…

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