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A recent report from a reliable source close to the Sierra Leone Immigration Office has revealed shocking details about the large-scale fraud happening at Leone Rock, a Chinese Mining Company previously known as China Kingho. The company, which acquired an iron ore deposit in the Tonkolili Hills for a bargain, has now been awarded a contract to manage the ports and railways in Sierra Leone, creating a Chinese monopoly on iron ore in the country.

The report highlights how Leone Rock is flouting Sierra Leone immigration laws by committing various irregularities, including deception and non-payment of fees to the government, resulting in significant financial losses. Additionally, it has been discovered that some Chinese employees brought in by the company lack the required qualifications for their roles.

Furthermore, local workers at Leone Rock are being mistreated, with low wages compared to unqualified Chinese workers who receive higher salaries. Attempts by Sierra Leonean employees to form a union to advocate for their rights have been thwarted by the company, with the Ministry of Labor allegedly turning a blind eye to the situation.

In response to these allegations, officials from Leone Rock have promised to provide a statement, but the gravity of the situation cannot be ignored. The impact of this large-scale fraud on the economy and the welfare of the local workforce is concerning, and immediate action is needed to address these issues and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Keeping mute on Paopa’s monumental corruption…

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