Benevolent Islamic School Holds 22nd Annual Sports Meet

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The Benevolent Islamic Secondary School in Makeni, a beacon of educational excellence in Sierra Leone, recently concluded its 22nd annual inter-house athletics sports meet with a notable presence and support from the esteemed Vice Chancellor and Principal of Milton Margai Technical University (MMTU), Prof. Philip John Kanu. As a distinguished alumnus and current board chairman of the school, Prof. Kanu’s commitment to advancing the institution’s development agenda has been widely recognized and appreciated by the school community.

The Benevolent Islamic Secondary School in Makeni has earned

a reputation for nurturing and producing outstanding individuals who have gone on to make

significant contributions across various sectors both within and outside the
country. Prof. Philip John Kanu stands as a prime example of the school’s
legacy, now serving as the Vice Chancellor and Principal of MMTU and
concurrently chairing the board of directors of his alma mater. Since assuming
his role as board chairman, Prof. Kanu has been instrumental in driving
progress and innovation within the school, striving to enhance its standing in
the education sector and beyond.

During the
recent 22nd annual inter-house athletics sports meet held at The Benevolent
Islamic Secondary School in Makeni, Prof. Philip John Kanu exemplified his
unwavering commitment to the school’s success by gracing the event with his
presence and providing generous support. Not only did he attend the sporting
event, but he also personally donated cash prizes for all four houses that
participated in the two-day sports competition. This gesture demonstrated his
dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and sportsmanship among the
students and encouraging their active participation in extracurricular

In his address at the opening ceremony of the final day of the inter-house athletics
sports meet, Prof. Kanu emphasized the value of sports as a unifying force that
promotes peace, unity, love, and happiness among individuals. He highlighted
the significance of returning to his hometown of Makeni to support his alma
mater, underscoring the school’s core values of discipline, progress, and
decency. Prof. Kanu acknowledged the school’s role in shaping the lives of
numerous prominent citizens who have excelled in various fields of development,
both nationally and internationally.

Speaking on
behalf of the school’s alumni and current authorities, Prof. Kanu articulated a
shared vision of building upon the institution’s past successes while
addressing existing challenges to ensure continued growth and excellence. He
reiterated the importance of maintaining high standards of academic achievement
to prepare students for future success in higher education institutions in
Sierra Leone and beyond. Prof. Kanu’s commitment to upholding the school’s
legacy and fostering a culture of continuous improvement reflects his
dedication to ensuring that future generations of students benefit from a
quality education that empowers them to excel in their chosen fields.

Prof. Philip John Kanu at the inter-house athletics sports meet were his Public
Relations Officer, Madam Elizabeth Sesay, senior lecturers from Milton Margai
Technical University, and members of the media, including the Managing Editor
of THE DRONE NEWSPAPER, MR ALEX LAWRENCE KOROMA. Their presence underscored the
significance of the event and the collective effort to support and promote
educational excellence in Sierra Leone.

the 22nd annual inter-house athletics sports meet at The Benevolent Islamic Secondary
School in Makeni served as a testament to the school’s enduring legacy of
academic excellence, sportsmanship, and community engagement. With the
steadfast leadership and unwavering commitment of individuals like Prof. Philip
John Kanu, the school is poised to continue its tradition of producing
well-rounded individuals who contribute meaningfully to society. Through
collaborative efforts and a shared dedication to educational advancement,
institutions like The Benevolent Islamic Secondary School in Makeni play a
vital role in shaping the future of Sierra Leone and empowering its youth to
achieve success and make a positive impact on the world stage.Finally,
also in attendance was the ace journalist, former President of the Sierra Leone
Association of Journalists and BBC reporter in Sierra Leone Umaru Fofanah,
other old students of The Benevolent Islamic Secondary School Makeni, some
senior member of The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, security
forces and some stakeholders in Makeni and Bombali district at large who were
present to support The Benevolent Islamic Secondary School Makeni 22nd annual
inter-house athletics sport meet.This year’s
Benevolent Islamic Secondary School Makeni annual inter-house athletics sport
meet ended with ROPOLON HOUSE(RED) taking the first position with 679 points,
ROGBANEH HOUSE(GREEN) taking the second position with 529 points, MASUBA
HOUSE(YELOW) taking the third position with 527 and MAKAMA HOUSE(BLUE) taking
the fourth position with 489 points and record making event ended also with
dancing and partying by pipuls, teachers, parents, and other well-wishers of
the School.


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