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Obituary for Mr Adeshola Emeric Shorunkeh Palmer

The death is hereby announced of Mr Adeshola Emeric Shorunkeh Palmer, Managing Director of Palmersons Ltd, on Thursday 23rd May 2024, in Freetown. He was 87 years old.

He is survived by his wife, Easterline.

Children: Emeric and Sylvia, Emlyn and Nadia, Lynette and Kojo, Babatunde and Isatu

Grandchildren: Yasmine and Janine; Carmen and Ruby; Nnamdi and Amani; Babatunde, Samira and Shadrack, Melvin, Melbourne and Louise; Isaac Koroma, Yatunde John and Amos Boima. 

Cousins including Aubrey and Eva Johnson, Bernice Johnson, Philip and Ore Adams, Marcella Jones,Ade and Claudia Taylor, Ponsford and Khadi Adams, Adeline Jackson, Edward and Daisy Taylor, Hilary Taylor, Ebun and Judith Taylor, Dennis & Lloyd Taylor of Monrovia, Liberia, Dejean and Marvella McEwen, Lettie Bull, Desiree and Tom Spencer-Walters, Marcel and Yvonne McEwen, Taiwo and Audrey Mason, Jomo and Gilberta Macauley, Eben Greywoode.

Sisters and brothers-in-Law: Henrietta Palmer and Family, Lois Palmer and family, Christiana Conteh and family, Cynthia Pratt and family, Janet Young and family, Valerie and Tilly Bell and family, Sylvia Carpenter and Family, Abimbola and Evelyn Young and family, Sahr Ngauga and Family.

He is survived by several Nieces and Nephews at home and abroad.

Close friends including Akin and Theodora Songo-Williams, Finis Williams, Eugene and Lorna Terry, George and Olutunu Trexon-Roberts,, John Peters, Abai Hollist, Jo Thomas, Claudia Osei, Henry Cummings and Ransford Jackson.

Other Families at home and abroad include, the Palmer family, the Adams family, the Taylor family, the McEwen family, the Greywoode family, the Macaulay family, the Mason family, the Young family, the Baker family, the Johnson family, Claudia George and family, the Mansaray family of Kasanikoro Village, the Joko-Smart Family, the Richards Family, the Carew Family and the Samuel Fullah family.

Other Associates

The Juba Hill neighborhood association, directors, staff and clients of Palmersons Ltd. at 7 Percival Street, staff of Blue Shield Hospital.

Funeral Arrangements

The Funeral and Communion Service for the late Mr Ade Palmer will take place on Thursday 6th June at 2.30 pm at the St George’s Cathedral, George Street, Freetown.

This will be preceded by Laying Out, also on 6th June:

– At Kaningo Riverdrive, Juba, from 10.00 am – 10.45am;

– At the George Ackland Masonic Temple, Lightfoot-Boston Street, from 11.15 am – 12.00 pm; and

– The Beckles-Davies Memorial Hall, Gloucester Street, at 12.30pm

A Vigil will be held at 7.00 pm on 5th June at the St George’s Cathedral, George Street.

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